ISAIAH 61 WIDOWS’ AGRICULTURAL PROJECT-“Then they restore the places long devastated.”

Akinyi Hellen WayugaHellen Akinyi Wayuga on her property. She is one of the five widows who have been part of the Isaiah 61 project, learning organic agriculture at S.E.E.K.  On this day, the other women, staff, and volunteers, including SEEK’s orphan scholars are helping her implement the plan she developed from what she learned at SEEK. They are digging holes for fruit trees and fencing an acre to protect the garden from roving animals.

When her garden has been planted, she will join the others at their respective lands to participate in the hard work needed to begin restoring the land and growing food to feed their families. She is just 54 years old, but she is caring for 9 children, mostly grandchildren.  We expect to see this barren land fertile and green, abundant with fruit and vegetables, like the fruit pictured here from the first Isaiah 61 widow’s land.

preparing soil for fruit trees 2018

fruit from first Isaiah 61












Arise DeborahThis group, mainly of widows, meets monthly to pray for the nation, the area, their families. They have seen amazing answers to their prayers and are invited to different churches to encourage others to pray.

These women are also serving others in the community.  Out of their small incomes, they are managing to do much good to help each other and the community at large.  We are so thankful for these dear ladies.