Tree Nursery

The S.E.E.K. Tree Nursery has a large variety of trees and plants for different uses including medicinal, fruit, fodder, building, firewood, shade, and ornamental. We focus on keeping stocks of indigenous trees which are difficult to find. We have well trained staff who take great care in ensuring seedlings are of good quality. They are ready to give you instructions in the best methods of planting and caring for your trees for optimal growth and productivity. Prices are kept low by using local resources.

Fruit Trees:

AF tree nursery
Mango (local and grafted) Mangifera Indica – Improved Varieties: Tommy Atkins, Boribo, Apple, Nqowe, Kent.
Rough Lemon Citrus Limon
Papaya; Paw Paw Carica Papaya
Common Guava Psidium Guajava
Tamarind Tamarindus Indica
Passion Fruit (yellow) Passiflora Edulis
Date Palm Phoenix Dactylifera
Wild Custard Apple Annona Senegalensis
Soursop Annona Muricata
Java Plum; Jambolana Syzygium Cuminii

Forest / Timber Trees

Whistling Pine ; She-Oak Casuarina Equisetifolia
Silky Oak Grevillea Robusta
Eucalyptus, Blue Gum Eucalyptus spp.
Wild African Olive Olea Africana
Indian Ash Acrocarpus Fraxihifolius
Yellow Wood; Poclo Podocarpus Henkelii


Leuceana Leuceana Leucocephala
White-Thorn Acacia Acacia Seyal
Mexican Lilac; Mother of Cacao; “Quick Stick” Glericidia Sepium
Egyptian Rattle Pod Sesbania Sesban
Moringa; Drumstick Tree Moringa Oleifera


Siamese Senna; Yellow Cassia Senna Siamea
Terminalia Brownii
Nile Tulip Tree Markhamia Lutea
Madacascar Terminalia (Umbrella Tree) Terminalia
Physic nut Jatropha Curcas
Flamboyant Delonix Regia
Nandi Flame Tree Spathodea Campanulata
Jacaranda Jacaranda Mimosifolira
Albizia Cariaria Albizia Saman
China berry; Persian Lilac Melia Azaclarach
Diamond-Leaved Euclea Euclea Divinorum