Trading Desperation for Hope July 2017

Trading Desperation for Hope, Stability  Moi Girls Sindo on environment

No sign that a crisis was coming!

There was a busy schedule at SEEK this week because of the Business Training going on. Meanwhile Youth and Environmental Education Staff were responding to requests from High Schools. While at Nyabera Girls Secondary School, Hezron, Nick, Paul and Peter were facilitating formation of an environmental club, tree nursery establishment, tree planting, and composting. Peter felt SEEK staff gave great presentations, but as they moved to the field for practical demonstration of tree planting, Nick asked Peter to go before him alongside the children because he felt weak and dizzy. After planting a few trees, he was notified that his colleague was unwell. Peter and Hezron watched in horror and fear as Nick vomited large amounts of blood.  Hezron, Peter and Paul drove him to the nearest health facility and then on 3 hours to Aga Khan Hospital (a  good one) in Kisumu. Nick miraculously arrived alive, and was admitted to ICU. His fellows waited til past 3 a.m. to see if he would make it.

Nick was operated on and is recovering gradually. Nurses there told them many people with the same condition do not make it, but they believe all your prayers brought him through. He is about to be released to a ward, and his wife Elizabeth is with him. Praise God! Thank you!

The staff cancelled all the other scheduled high school talks because they were so tired. They barely slept that night, and the day had been packed with activities.

Looking at the current reports from the Secretary of the UN: catastrophic combination of conflict, high food prices and drought has left more than 11 million people in desperate need. There is famine in Somalia. I hear the most harrowing reports from our UN teams on the ground. Somali refugees, their cattle and goats dead from thirst, walking for weeks to find help in Kenya and Ethiopia.

What does this have to do with you dear people? You are part of the activities SEEK staff were reporting and more, making Kenya a more stable place in which its young people living in difficulties and deprivation are receiving care, direction, skills to turn their environment and situation around. You are giving kind people with the necessary gifts and education opportunity to make a difference. You are helping Kenya be a place refugees can go to instead of a place spewing out refugees. 

For 20 years Kenya Islands Mission, SEEK, has been part of the efforts to extend love, faith, practical skills to desperate people, giving a hand up to a better future.  As lives are changed, so changes the atmosphere of the area. People who live by faith and experience God’s goodness are more stable and freer. When they learn skills for a way forward, they take it.

For example, when Marcy and her mom came to SEEK this January she was at the point of suicide and her mother so stressed that she was incoherent. After Mary Obado, head of SEEK widows ministry, encouraged her and prayed over her, the mom felt better, and she and Marcy received the Lord. Now through you and SEEK, Marcy is learning in school, finding friends who really care, learning life skills to help her anticipate and attain a good future. They are both attending church where they have a community of support.

Through this ministry children are having fun while they learn, becoming a force instead of victims.

As school kids and community folks learn about the environment through experiences in agro forestry and organic gardening, they participate in restoring their communities and climate and then see good results from their efforts. They are having faith in God instead of fear, direction instead of hopelessness. YOU ARE ENABLING THAT. Thank you for making a difference to thousands, literally. We are fond of you!

This Friday August 28th Mary Obado will be hosting a group of women for an overnight prayer. With elections coming up August 8th, people fear violence. Please join them in praying for safety and peace. Also 7 Kenyans were murdered for being Christians by an Islamic terror group in July.

Don, Nancy, our wonderful USA board, Kenya Directors-Presbyter Gombe, Nick Odhiambo, David Okeyo, Hezron Obado. All the SEEK Staff



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