Sponsors Needed!

There are 54,000 orphans in Suba District. Most of them feel hopeless about their future and desperately want to continue through high school. They are extremely vulnerable.

youth on outreach to Sindo

In Suba itself, only 25% of the adult population has graduated from secondary school. Imagine the difference it would make in any community to have such an uneducated population. So your giving a hand up to one of these wonderful young people through sponsorship will not only bring a new life to your child but will also  change his community. Every life cherished and equipped has tremendous potential to impact others.

Sponsorship rescues kids from poverty, human trafficking, and unimaginable suffering. 

The following children have been carefully selected from among many other needy students. When these young people receive sponsorships, they become part of the SEEK family. They are mentored, loved, encouraged and given opportunities to serve, finding value as they see their lives make a difference.

97% of your donation will go directly to meet the needs of your sponsored child.

Use the Donate  button above for secure donation or on the side bar, naming the child you would like to help. We will send you a picture and more information and keep you updated!

A regular sponsorship is $35 a month. But any amount at any time will be a great help and will be applied to the most needy child! The average annual income in Suba is $500, and secondary school, which requires boarding costs more than that.

1. Triza Noel Wang’kio


Triza’s parents separated when she was very young, and the mother brought them to Mbita, where she is doing casual work in ICIPE, an international insect research organization. The mother is currently being assisted by  Dare to Dream, a small business training and micro-loan program running at SEEK, which is helping her start a small business and make ends meet. Triza is so confident in her speech and very optimistic that she will go to school and realize her dream. Below is her summarized letter:

She says, “I kindly request you to assist me to get a sponsorship. First and foremost, I am eager to achieve my goals though my mother is not in position to pay all my fees and requirements. Her income is not enough to support me, my siblings and our daily needs. I humbly request you to accept me into your program in order to give me a chance to fulfill  my dreams. I assure you that I will work extra hard and not let you down.  May God bless you!”

2. Felix Omondi Otieno

Felix Omondi Otieno

Felix’s lives with his mother and four siblings in Mbita town.  They have been struggling despite the fact that the Dad is alive but absent. Felix got the information that the dad stays in Siaya with another family and he was able to find him, but was shocked and disappointed that the dad would not even talk to him when he finally found him.

Felix’s elder sister left home for Nairobi to work as a maid.  Thankfully she was taken in by a good Samaritan family who inquired of her educational status. Upon realizing that she was smart, they enrolled her in the university where she is majoring in pure Mathematics.

His mother is a prayer warrior and believes Felix together with  her other children will excel. There is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Kajuong Secondary School has allowed Felix to begin school though he has not yet received a sponsorship.

I learnt at Mbita Primary School where I sat for my KCPE exams and scored 351 marks. I live with my mother who sells omena (tiny fish) in Mbita town for her income. What she gets from this business is too low and therefore cannot support me to continue with my secondary studies. This is very clear that I can miss a chance to join the first year of high school which starts in January if I don’t find support. I request for your sponsorship in order for me to further my studies and achieve my dream.”

3. Jane Laurine Obonyo

Jane Laurine Obonyo


This is the late Jemima’s (a former staff at SEEK) daughter. Jane is very hardworking and ever smiling even amidst the hardship around her.

Jane has started to go to a Day School, a high school that does not board. Sometimes she must walk in the dark to get to school, which can be dangerous for a young lady.

“I am a total orphan who has lived with my aunt in Mbita from the time I lost my mom. My aunt who is a widow is not able to support me through high school since she has some siblings she is supporting in school. She does some small business which earns her our upkeep, but we are so many in the house, and my aunt is overburdened. This is the reason why I request for your support through my secondary education. I promise not to disappoint you if given this scholarship.”




  4. Ruth Martha Martha 

Martha is a very quiet girl, but when you draw her out in conversation she seems full of wisdom. She comes from small nearby rural Nyamanga Village. Her father, a very hardworking man, is lame. Out of his work of repairing shoes, he has managed successfully to enable all of  Martha’s siblings to go to school, though it has been difficult. Martha says that her father is much overwhelmed by school fees since she has two siblings in high school, and younger kids are coming up.

In an area where the average family’s income is $320 a year and high school tuition for the year is $500, it is almost impossible to educate your children through secondary school. Martha believes that God can still see her through High School. She is trusting Him for a miracle. She cracked  jokes during her interview despite her challenge. I love the fact that Martha can still afford that smile. She was a member of the Environmental Club SEEK runs at her school. Staff saw that she was a self- disciplined girl. When SEEK staff did devotions with the children on Fridays, Martha was very attentive, seeking to know and serve God more.

Martha is now beginning her second year at St. Magina Girls. Join God in fulfilling His plan for this sweet girl’s life!


5. Eddie Williams KoreEddie William Kore close up

Eddie’s father is totally incapacitated with AIDS, and his  mother, also an AIDS victim, is operating a  kiosk where she sells things to sustain the family.  In Kenya, a student’s performance on his standardized test at the end of 8th grade determines whether or not he will be able to attend high school and where. Eddie was called to join a national school, the highest level.  Though Eddie is related to some outstanding people in Christian service in the community, these folks are struggling to support other children they have taken in to help and are unable to provide for his schooling.

A sponsorship of $35 a month will enable this wonderful young man to get an education at a top notch high school.



6.  AshleyAshley Marion

Ashley’s mom does some casual work around the town to fend for a family of four, of whom Ashley is the first born daughter. Ashley cannot explain why her father is in jail. Even her mother does not understand how this happened.

Ashley is optimistic that she will definitely make it to school. She is currently staying with another one of the sponsored scholar’s, Tony Blair’s, mother at their small rental house in Mbita town.

God miraculously provided for Ashley last year, and she is starting her second year at Father Tillen Mixed Day School in January 2019.  She needs $150 to provide for her schooling which can be sent all at once or a sponsor can give $35 a month.



7. Christian Tetty


Christian is a very jovial and bright boy from Mbita Primary School, who was very active in the environment club SEEK runs there.

Christian has both parents, but they are unable to support all of their children to go to school, and he risks being sent home because his mother who works at the Catholic clinic dispensary does not make enough to pay for both Christian and his bright sister who is also in secondary school. The father is addicted alcohol and though he works as a fisherman, he does not bring any money home. Christian and his siblings are very bright and God fearing. Christian received the Lord at the SEEK teen life skills camp.

Christian is now in his third (junior) year at Senator Otieno Kajuong High School. January 2019.



8. Jeremiah Odhaimbo Omollo

Jeremiah Odhiambo Omollo

Jeremiah’s father works at Nyachebe Beach as a fisherman and as a pastor of VOSH (Voice of Salvation and Healing Church). Pastoral work is a sacrifice in Suba as pastors do not receive income in the midst of the local poverty and are expected to help others. Having the father be a pastor requires sacrifice in the family.

The boy is very bright and God fearing, but he has not been concentrating in School due to much of school fee arrears. He says that with available resources, he will settle in School and accomplish a lot. We met him in Nyamanga Primary School.

“I am currently in Kisii High School where I passed so well and will join my second year in January.  I attained 773 out of 1100 marks is a mean grade of (B+). I am a hardworking boy, and I promise to put more effort in my studies. All my parents are still alive, though they do small scale business which does not enable them to pay my school fees with ease. We also have some other siblings that they take care of. It’s been a struggle paying my school fees. Am kindly requesting for your financial support to help me further my studies in school. “


9. Beatrice Awuor Makonah

Beatrice Awuor Makonah

Beatrice comes from Wasamo Village in Mfangano Island and now stays with her widowed aunt.

“I would like to request financial support for my schooling. I am 13 years old and managed to score well in one of the public schools on Mfangano Island. My father who is a bread winner in our family is physically challenged (handicapped) and my mother is just a house wife. I am currently living with my aunt who has been helping my needy parents to pay fees for my sister and brother. My sister is in her 3rd year of high school while my brother is in his second, and so my aunt is not capable of paying my school fee too. She is a widow, and she is also having other kids to take care of while her income as nursery teacher in Mbita is not much. She has been struggling much.”


10. Hillary Amollo Ochieng

Hillary Amollo Ochieng

Hillary was the top boy in academics for his region, and his old father who has been working in the quarry is no longer strong enough to work the amount needed to afford the school fees. Other siblings are also in high schools and much of what is required to pay for their schooling is a struggle for the aged and ailing father. Hillary tells us that he is willing to go to any school even though he has been invited to join the top National High School in Nakuru Kenya. He was the chair of Environmental Club where David and Moses, SEEK staff, go every Monday during school days.

“Having received the information about your sponsorship program, I hereby send my request for consideration. I am age 14 residing in Sindo Suba South Constituency. I sat my Kenya Certificate of Primary Examination this year 2018 and attained 398 marks in Sindo Primary where I have been learning since 2013. Following my needy situation, occasioned by my family’s inability to finance my education to the next level as both my parents are unemployed and living below poverty rate. My parents are bound to raising other siblings including supporting their education despite their poor situation and illness that is dragging my father down. My siblings in total are 11. Some are in high school while others in colleges.  For this reason I would be very grateful to get your consideration to facilitate my education and help me pursue my dream of becoming a neurosurgeon.”

Please note for poor people where work does not provide a pension or possibility for retirement, having children who will be able to take care of them in their old age is their hope for the future.


11. Bruce Nyaura Matengo

Bruce Nyaura Matengo

Bruce comes from a polygamous family and is one of 11 children. The father works as a waiter in the local restaurants around, and the mother is a tailor. He was of the pupils we selected to participate in the exchange program with the Texas students, and he did a great job. Bruce is very talented. He prays God may grant him the opportunity to go to school.

“I learned in Mbita Primary School where I attained 375 marks in my final exams (KCPE). I was part of the environmental club in Mbita Primary from 4th grade on and managed to become a chairperson from class 6 to 8.”

“My father has two wives, and my mom is the second wife in the family. My mother is a tailor in Mbita village, and my parents have a total of 11 kids. Because of the difficulty in paying school fees, I hereby request for your financial support through my secondary education since my parents are economically unstable and cannot afford to take me to high school.”

“I know that my future lies in God’s hands, and I will continue to obey and trust in Him. So with a lot of humility I would like to request for your financial support to enable me continue with my education and achieve my dreams.”


 12. Odongo Carol Achieng

Odongo Carol Achieng

“I have seen Carol’s mother hawking from Rusinga to Nyachebe,” the Head Teacher from Rusinga School where Carol attended primary school informed me of her situation. Carol lost the father some years ago. The mother is sickly and so frustrated.

“I am the first born of six children. I did my final exams in 2017 and repeated the class because my mother could not raise my fee to the high school. This year 2018 after repeating the class I managed to score 362 marks in my final exams. My mother who is the bread winner in the family is unable to provide for our needs and school fees due to the little income she gets from hawking in Mbita town. I therefore plead for financial assistance to achieve my dreams.”


13. Phelix Ohiambo Mbuya

Phelix Odhiambo Mbuya

The Head Teacher explained of Phelix, “The boy was almost dropping out of school, and we nurtured him when he was losing hope due to the death of the father through committing suicide. The mother is of low income through unreliable and meager sales of fish. It is for this reason we are requesting that you may consider offering sponsorship to him to enable him to fulfill his potential.’’

“I am humbly requesting for financial support in my education so I can fulfill my dreams. I managed to score 325 marks in KCPE in Mbita Primary. I am in need of financial support due to the fact that my mother is not able to provide fees because she lacks a job to do after my father’s death which occurred after quarreling with his brother over land.”




14. Stephen Ouma Otieno

Stephen Ouma Otieno

Stephen has been struggling to make it to college. He comes from Kamreri in Lwanda Nyamasare

I hereby request your organization to support me to pursue my diploma course at KENYA WILDLIFE SERVICE TRAINING INSTITUTE (KWSTI) in the area of environmental management. I have been accepted into this program, but now do not have the ability to pay for it.

“I am a total orphan. My dad passed away when I was still young but left us behind with my hard working mother who I knew could take us to the next level. Unfortunately when I was in my last year in Waondo Secondary School, my mom also passed away, leaving me behind with my two siblings of which I am the first born”.  (As first born, Stephen will be expected to care for his siblings.)


15. Irene Apiyo and Lourene Adongo

Irene Apiyo and Lourene Adongo


 When Irene and Loren were born, the father’s family kicked out the mother saying that it was a bad omen to have twins as the first born hence the kids were to be killed or the mother to leave the home. She opted to go together with the kids, and a man took her in with the children. After sometime she gave birth to another set of twins, and the man turned against them. The mother resorted to renting her own house to feed the family. Life has not been good since her health is poor, and the children are not able to fend for themselves. Irene and Lorene are called to join Lambwe High School in January, but they are not sure whether it will be possible.




16. Scovia Atieno Okomo  Scovia Atieno Okomo

Paul and Walter counseled Scovia while she was in Mbita Primary School, where she was a member of the Environmental Club.

“I am currently a student in my 3rd year at Nyakach Girl’s High School. I have been having a problem in my school fee payment since my parents are not able to raise money for me and my siblings. The first two years of high school I was in and out of school due to failure in fee payment. My parents have a small business that cannot raise money to pay for my school fee and my sisters’ school fee also. This has affected my performance since most of the time I would be sent home from school because my fees were unpaid. I promise to work hard and improve in my academic performance. May God bless you as you consider my request.”


17. Lynn Loviance Omondi

Lynn Loviance Omondi

Lynn was born out of wedlock, and the step father has been chasing her away from home from time to time while drunk. On many occasions he is violent and ends up beating the mother together with the children. Lynn’s mother rented a house away from him so that Lynn and the sibling can concentrate in their school even though the step father comes to the rental house while drunk. The man is operating a motor bike taxi in Mbita. He is the son to the late Elder Dede, an elder much respected.

“I am 14 years of age and did my final exams in 2018 where God graced me to get 359 marks. I live with my mother alone after my step father sent us out of his home while drunk. Up to this time  he does not want to see us or set his eyes on us. He does not know how we are eating, dressing or even affording shelter but often comes to the place my mum has rented while drunk to be abusive and quarrel . My mother is not able to support my secondary schooling since she only does house chores such as house cleaning and laundry for people for us to get our daily bread.” “The house chores are barely enough for food and daily activities but not enough for me to raise school fees for my daughter, so I request for your assistance,” said the mother.


18. Beatrice Akinyi Odhiambo

Beatrice Akinyi Odhiambo

Beatrcie comes from a needy family. She is living with her mother at Koguna Beach and was a student at Mbita Primary School.

“I hereby request your organization to support me financially to further my studies through secondary school. I did my KCPE exams this year at Mbita primary school and God blessed me with 348 marks in my exams. My mother has no formal employment, my step dad who is the bread winner in our family was a fisherman at Koguna Beach, (I do not know my real father) but due to health reasons and age he is unable to do the work anymore. My mom who is currently suffering from asthma is unable to do the omena (small fish sales) business anymore. I request that you may help me financially to further my studies in high school. Have already received a calling letter from Koru Girl’s Secondary School to join the first term in January. 2019.”


19. Macreen Molent Omollo

macreen standing

Though Macreen has struggled in life, she has an awesome heart for service. Her parents divorced, and she and her four other siblings lived with her mother. In 2016 her ailing mother became so severely ill that Macreen had to stop going to school since as the first born it was her responsibility to take care of her mother and siblings. This prevented her from doing well in her studies since much of her attention was put on household chores. She joined a high school that year but never actually started school because her mother’s condition worsened and then she died.  Macreen and her siblings were left alone and confused. Macreen was taken in by her grandmother and is now living with her in a small rental house in Mbita.

She is very bright, and was given money by the government for her first year of high school in 20018.  She needs sponsorship in 2019 however to continue in her second year at Omboga Mixed Secondary School. If she has the opportunity to continue high school, she should have a good future.


20. Valary Atieno Aluoch

Valarie lost her father in 2017 and is living with her mother who helps people in their house chores and also styles hair on request. This helps her get their daily meals, but is not enough to keep Valarie in school. When there is a little money her mother can pay, the high school she attends allows her to come to school, but then sends Valerie home when the remaining school fees are unpaid. Hence Valarie is on and off at school despite being very able academically. Valarie’s siblings are sponsored by Christ’s Gift Academy so they are secured in terms of school fees, but CGA has a limit of how many children in a family they can help. She is in her third year at Kakimba High School. She will need a sponsorship of $35 a month for 2 years to enable her to graduate from high school. This is a young lady’s way to have hope for a good future. Uneducated girls are often misused and treated shamefully.


21. Joanne Harriet


Joan was born  April 19th 2001. She is the first born in a family of 4.  She is currently studying in her junior year at Bishop Okoth Ojalla Girls High School in Kisumu County, a very good school. Joan loves Biology and Chemistry and has the ambition of becoming a nutritionist.  The mother is a hard worker, but the Family has been struggling in several ways so that they are not able to keep this sweet young lady in school.







22.  Emmaculate Owino  Emmaculate

Emmaculate is a jovial girl despite the challenges she faces. She comes from a polygamous home where her father who is old enough to be her grandfather has four wives. Emmaculate’s mother, the fourth and youngest wife, has 9 children.

The average annual income in Kombe where she lives is $300! But high school costs $500 a year.  Only good students who perform well on standardized tests are given the opportunity to go to secondary school. Emma and two sisters have qualified. It is a huge struggle for a poor rural family to educate so many. Still these farm families want to have a lot of children, both because life is hard and children help their family in all the work and also because the death rate is so high that a family wants a lot of children to ensure some will still be alive to care for  parents in their old age.  Emmaculate is a girl who will stand strong and help her community.  Last year in high school, she kept being sent home because her family could not pay the fees.  She still managed to pass her tests well and was promoted to the second year of high school despite the challenges of being home so much when others were busy studying in school. We  see in her a girl that who will stand strong and help her community through the education she receives.


23. Mercy Omollo


Marcy is 17 years old and stays with her mom who works long hours chipping up rocks at the quarry for very little money. This woman was very traumatized when she came to SEEK and could hardly communicate, but staff encouraged and prayed for her and she became coherent. Marcy’s dad is continually drunk and involved with many women wandering around in the fishing villages, ignoring his family and not giving them any support, financial or otherwise.

Marcy started high school January 2017, and SEEK has been able to find bits of money here and there to help her get through school, so that she was able to stay in Marindi Girls School through 2018. Marcy comes to the ministry whenever she is out of school to serve in any way she can and participates in any service project available.

This young lady has a bleak future without an education. In 2017 Marcy had become so discouraged that she sought to commit suicide. Both the mom and daughter received the Lord, praying with SEEK staff and are continuing to stay involved in church.  Marcy is now in her 3rd year at Marindi Girls High School.


24. Samuel Kings


 Samuel’s father was a fisherman at Nyachebe Beach near the SEEK campus. He worked hard to collect a large load of fish and traveled several hours to take them to market in Nakuru. After collecting the money from his products, he headed to the bank, but on the way, robbers waylaid him and took it all. From that time the father went mad and just wandered around talking to himself. He was locked up in the house for his protection, but went berserk over his confinement and committed suicide.

Besides dealing with the shock of this tragedy and the loss of their father and provider, his very bright children have had to drop out of school because of lacking necessary fees. The situation seems sad and hopeless. Prospects are low for the uneducated.

Samuel graduated from Nyamanga Primary School with very good scores on his standardized tests. He was very afraid he would not make it to high school.

Samuel and the mother came to SEEK to ask for some help. Hezron prayed with them and asked them to continue praying because our God is faithful. He is the Father to the fatherless and Defender of the widows. Now Samuel is in his third year at Homa Bay High School. He has no sponsor but SEEK has been able to help him as people gave toward sponsorships in general. Welcome to help Samuel with the $450 needed to finish this year.

Or take this fine young fellow’s sponsorship of $35 a month!


25. Enos Raila

Hezron met Raila when he was in still in lower class.  He remembers disciplining Raila when he stole money from someone in his class.  Hezron took him to his mother about it, and since that day they have all become good friends. Hezron met him often at Mbita Primary School for environmental club meetings and when SEEK conducted devotions on Fridays for the school. Raila is very clever, and he became a very good boy!

The father died when Raila was very young.  His mother brought him to the lake region where she could sell peanuts and fish for an income to feed Raila and help him go to school.  When he reached high school age, she was no longer make enough to provide for his schooling. Raila received good marks in primary school, and now is in his senior year at Ratango Boys High School.  God brought this fine young man this far, and we trust he will get what is needed to graduate:  another $300, or a sponsorship of $35 a month.


26.  Phanuel Oniala


Phanuel is a young man from Kamreri Village in Luanda Nyamasare, a rocky impoverished area.  He graduated from 8th grade in 2015 and has been struggling to find a way to go to secondary school ever since. Both of Phanuel’s parents died so he ran to nearby Nyamanga where his widowed aunt stays. The aunt narrated to Hezron that she had nine siblings with Phanuel’s mother being her youngest sister. Unfortunately all died, except for this aunt, who now has most of the children of her siblings taking refuge in her home. Yet she has nothing to give them. She came to Hezron’s office with her eyes full of tears asking for help for Phanuel to be able to go to high school.

Not knowing what to do, Hez asked Phanuel to go  High School for an interview. (A very good school near SEEK, where he can board. Hezron and his staff minister there often.) There he was given Physics, Math, Chemistry and English qualifying tests, and he passed them all very well. He came back and showed Hez his results plus a calling letter from that school. This young man is so humbled and longing for an education. He wants to eradicate poverty from his life and other people’s in the community through his learning.

Mary, Hezron’s wife, had been given Ksh. 20,000 ($200) to use in paying school fees, and they have in mind to use it toward’s Phanuel’s school costs. We are trusting God for another Ksh.16,800 ($175) to purchase the school uniform and a few more requirements. The school administration is very positive, asking us to try to get what we can, while they also see what to do so this young man can continue his schooling.

After the above report, Phanuel was able to go to school.  He was second in his class, and got A+ in business, a start toward helping alleviate poverty!

Now Phanuel is in his senior year at Senator Kajuang’ High School.

A bright young man with vision to serve stands at a door of opportunity. 



27.  Sarah Akinyi 

Sarah Akinyi

Sara Akinyi Onyango was born on the 21st November 1999. Sarah does not know where her father is since the mother was impregnated while staying at a fishing village, and when the catch in that area became scarce, the man purported to have been the father fled in search of better fishing. He left Sarah’s mother pregnant without even saying anything to let her know he was leaving. After Sarah was born, she stayed with her sickly mother for less than six years, and then her mother died. Sarah was taken to her maternal family home where her  three siblings were staying. It wasn’t easy because they were so many and the resources were very limited.

Sarah went to Temo Primary School and later did her national examination; she excelled and was called to Ambassador Pamela Mboya Girls High School. This is a picture of Sarah from a Teen Camp at SEEK when she was in the 8th grade.

It was in this high school that the principal explained to Hezron there to run a Life Skills Program with the girls in that school that Sarah among other girls was a bright and disciplined girl with a brighter future, but there was no hope of her completing her studies since there was no money that was coming in for school fees because her brother who brought her to school was also nursing his wife in the hospital with much money  being used for his wife’s medication. There was nothing left for Sarah’s fees.

From this, God opened ways for Sarah’s school through SEEK. From that time she has gone through high school, and now she has joined a prestigious university taking a Diploma in Tourism Management. People have given from time to time, but she still has no regular sponsor. Her first semester has been paid for.

28. Elizabeth Anyango 





29.  Boaz Odhiambo  Boaz 1 for web page

Boaz came to our Life Skills Character Camp November 2015 and gave his life to Jesus. He was in his third year in Ogongo High School. He had been struggling with schooling since both of his parents died. Unfortunately the only aunt who took him to stay at her home also died last year, and so he was left taking refuge in various people’s homes. He worked hard and served others and graduated with good grades. Even though he has struggled so much, he has is now in his first year at  Technical University.

Boaz will only need $215 to finish his first year at Tech U, and a sponsorship of $35 a month will cover that in 7 months!





30.  Naphtali Osewe


Naphtali’s mom passed away leaving him and his sister  who was in 7th grade. His dad is still alive but  is very sickly. He is a subsistence farmer and a seasonal fisherman at Kaugege Beach Fishing Village.  He is a polygamist and from his other wives now has 10 children including Naphtali and his sister.  It is usually the case that if the stepmothers are alive, they will ostracize the children of the dead mother.

Napthali had just graduated from 8th grade.  Staff met him during the Life Skills Camp SEEK held in November. They felt the Lord nudging them to assist him.

As a very disciplined student Naphtaly had made excellent scores on his standardized tests.   He was accepted into the best private high school in the area run by strong Christians, where the young people are challenged to put Christ first in their lives. A sponsorship enabled Osewe to attend and supported him all the way through secondary school.

Naphtaly is very small, most likely from malnutrition, but he has excellent leadership capabilities. Now he is in his first year at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, formerly Western University College of Science and Technology considered one of the best universities in Western region. His sponsor is no longer able to support him. but $45 a month will enable Naphtaly to get a college education.


31.  David Otieno 

David Omollo

David Otieno Omolo is in his first year at Cooperative University of Kenya. Here speaks of being transformed by God at SEEK. David was active in the Children of Destiny, the Christian club SEEK runs for children and youth who want to learn about and serve the Lord.

David is a charming leader who is great at being a Master of Ceremonies.

David’s father is gone and his mother died.  Still he has managed to set a course to serve the Lord.



32.  Ibrahim Okoth

Ibrahim is a very hard worker and a vulnerable child who was in serious need of support in continuing his education. He has great character and takes joy in serving and being faithful in ministry. Ibrahim is in his second year at Rongo University where he is studying to be a teacher. He is now doing his attachment.Ibrahim










33.  Samson Otieno

sam viewing his aunties house

Samson Otieno lost his parents when he was in the third grade and now stays when he is home from school with a lame sickly auntie who is a widow. You can see the shape the house was in before teens from SEEK rebuilt it for her.

Samson is very bright and was living under fear that he could not make it in lifebecause of the disasters in his family.We had a brief counseling session with him and advised him to continue working hard. Being a kind, humble fellow, he made top grades in primary school and lived an exemplary life. Because of this, he was invited to attend one of the best boy’s high schools in Kenya, but had no way to pay the fees, which added up to twice the average national income. When a sponsor paid for him to go to school, Samson commented, “I feel like the son of a king.”

During secondary school, not only did he do well in his academics, but he also participated brilliantly in ministry as a camp counselor, Bible teacher, and community servant. His grades earned him a partial scholarship to university.

Trained with other Magnificents by the SEEK accountant and provided with a small loan, Samson did business in the months before university and was able to pay for the fees and only needed money for room and board.

One year when students were rioting at Nairobi University and the school was closed down, Samson took the opportunity to do ministry in an area that desperately needed Jesus.Samson

Samson graduates this year. He has already done his practice teaching at a very good high school nearby. $250 is all he needs to finish university. No longer fearful, Samson’s wisdom and kindness shows a confident gentleman who knows his life is impacting others for good.  Being a lover of God, he is the son of a King!








34.  Syprose Akoth


Birthday 20th October 1996

Syprose’s father died in 2001 when she was in nursery school, and her mother died in 2007. In primary school, Syprose was living with a grandmother. The father’s family had rejected her, and so Syprose lived with the mother of one of her father’s four wives. (He was a polygamist.) This sickly maternal step grandmother was the only family left alive that would take her in.

Our staff had got to know her when they did ministry at Mbita Primary and found her a quiet girl who worked hard and showed excellent character, with a genuine sweetness about her.

One day at school Hezron found Syprose crying as she talked to another student who had been to camp at SEEK. Syprose had received the letter inviting her to attend a national school, one of the top schools in Kenya, because of her excellent scores.  She so wanted to go to school, but knew there was no one in her life who would or could pay the over six hundred dollars a year needed. Hezron encouraged her to trust God. He is faithful to answer prayer, and so in answer to prayer, various donors at different times sent money and paid for her secondary school.

While she was in secondary school, because Hezron and Mary saw that extended family were no longer able to help care for Syprose, they took her in as their daughter.  She has been staying on the SEEK base and been a blessing to us all.  Syprose scored very high on the standardized tests at the end of secondary school and was offered a government subsidized university education to obtain a Bachelors of Arts degree at one of the best universities:  Moi University in ELdoret.

In between secondary school and starting university, through some training at SEEK and a small bank loan, Syprose started a small business and made enough money to pay for her first semester. Again, people who know of her have sent money from time to time, and staff have given her small help here and there.

Syprose is doing an attachment in Mbita now, and will be back to university in May. She started her final year of university in January 2019. She will be graduating with a bachelor of fine arts in November.

The result will be a wonderful Christian lady with great character and faith in God becoming an educated citizen of Kenya, enabled to make an impact for Jesus on this generation. $35 a month will fund the end of her education.


Then their offspring will be known among the nations, and their descendants in the midst of the people.  All who see them will recognize them because they are the offspring whom the Lord has blessed. Isaiah 61:9