S.E.E.K.’s First Annual Christmas Party 2017

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Christmas party at fig tree 2

Children pour in, while teens and MKs (Sponsored Students) clown around for their entertainment.

Christmas party by pavillion

Songs and games and fun!

face painted lovely

Already beautiful faces decorated!

high school students and MKs helping throw a Christmas party for chldren

High school and college students who worked hard to give the children an unforgettable day—on Christmas.

ready kitchen helpers

These students who just finished a TELS Camp are ready workers.


ready to serve the multitudes!

SEEK staff give up their Christmas Day to cook for and serve the children!

Having fun!

Hsving fun!

Didn't have tables and chairs for 1000 kids!

Didn’t have tables and chairs for 1000 kids!





It is all about this--Babby Jesus!

It is all about this!