SEEK has 13 acres on the shores of Lake Victoria in Western Kenya. These include organic demonstration gardens, a tree nursery, aviary, an ecological trail, camp with six cabins, pavilion, dining hall, dormitory, staff houses, and an Education Center/Museum. As the environment on the campus has been protected and allowed to restore itself, animals have taken shelter here: hippos, vervet monkeys, bush babies, civet and genet cats, porcupine, otter, three types of mongoose, duiker, dik dik, hedge hogs, monitor lizards, python and other snakes, and over 300 species of bird life.

Students in upper garden

Students learn in upper gardens

bird observation

bird observation

11 Cactus Monkey

Museum, Lake Victoria ecosystem


Kiboko Camp Beach on Lake Victoria

Six Cabins at Kiboko Camp provide for 30 students and two teachers

Inside Cabins are Bunk Beds

S.E.E.K. has an Ecology Trail with Teaching Stations