Environmental Education

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Biblical Environmental Education for Sustainable Development

Suba Environmental Education of Kenya is an NGO with the vision of seeing the restoration of the environment for the welfare of its people in Suba District, Homa Bay County. Its mission:  Bringing Sustainable Development through Biblical Environmental Education.

 Charges for teachers and schools are kept as low as possible, while visitors are charged a higher rate that will help to fund educational activities for schools.

Everything must be booked in advance.  Kindly phone : 254 724 540 381/+254 725 777 365 / 0726 655 492, or e-mail: kenyaseek@aol.com

Camp topics include:

  • The Interdependence of living and nonliving resources
  • The Importance of biodiversity
  • Lake Victoria, lake ecosystems, overfishing
  • Climate change and desertification
  • Pollution and its effects on people, animals, water and the land.
  • Health issues: like AIDS, hygiene, malaria, nutrition
  • Water and sanitation issues
  • Sustainable vegetable gardening, soil conservation
  • Deforestation and its effects
  • The importance of trees and their various uses
  • Solar cooking and other appropriate technologies.

Some of the Camp Objectives include:

  • Providing an experiential learning environment that facilitates interdisciplinary studies effectively covering designated topics of the Kenya Upper Primary or Secondary Syllabus.
  • Creating awareness and appreciation of God’s creation and our responsibility to take care of it.
  • Developing environmental literacy and conservation skills
  • Giving students opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving while stressing the importance of team work.
  • Promoting social responsibility and leadership in addressing the urgent needs of Lake Victoria and communities along its shores in Suba and Mbita Districts.
  • To Empower children as they see the projects they design make an impact in their schools and community.
  • To help Children and youth understand their personal value and develop a Biblical perspective of caring for people as they care for the earth.

The Camp accommodates up to 32 people. 5 cabins have bunk beds which hold six per cabin, and one cabin has two single beds. More can be accommodated in dorms if necessary.

S.E.E.K. offers the following:
1.Two to four day camps for school children, staying in the cabins with their teachers, following the Kenya school curriculum, using the outdoors as a classroom.

Or we can arrange activities to accommodate any topics such as conservation agriculture, life skills, team building, survival skills, adventure, scouting requirements.  (See topics listed below.)

 Unsubsidized camp costs, which include experiential learning programs.
(For organizations- Ksh. 1000 . per day facilitation fee.)

For 1 night / 2 days (4 meals)
Ksh. 999 per student primary, Ksh.1199 secondary, Ksh.1500 per teacher
For 2 nights / 3 days (7 meals)

Ksh. 1800 per student, Ksh. 2000 secondary, Ksh. 2200 per teacher
For 3 nights/ 4 days (10 meals)
Ksh. 2800 per primary student, Ksh.3000 secondary, Ksh.3300 per teacher

STANDARD COSTS: Better Food, More Materials
For 1 night / 2 days (4 meals)
Ksh.1200 per student primary, Ksh. 1500 secondary, Ksh.1700 per teacher
For 2 nights / 3 days (7 meals)
Ksh. 2300 per student, Ksh.2700 secondary, Ksh. 3000 per teacher
For 3 nights/ 4 days (10 meals)

Ksh. 3300 per student, Ksh. 3800 secondary, Ksh. 4200 per teacher

2. Tour of S.E.E.K. Ksh.20 per primary student, High school student: 50, adult 100

3. Half Day of Teaching Program: Ksh.100 per students (Juice break included); Ksh. 150 per adult. Add lunch for Ksh. 175 per student, 200 per teacher or adult.

4. Full Day of Teaching Program: Ksh. 350 per student with lunch.  Ksh. 175 without lunch

5. Packages are offered for school groups wanting to visit Ruma:

  1. Packed lunch to take to Ruma for picnic: Ksh.200 per student or teacher
  2. Students may spend the night at S.E.E.K. on their way to or from Ruma N.P. and have environmental activities, animal studies, movies here. (Refer to pricing above for overnights.