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View of Mfangano island


Of the 126,000 children living in Suba District Kenya on the shores of Lake Victoria 40% are orphans.

Children at S.E.E.K. for Fun Event

Children at S.E.E.K. for Fun Event

The poverty and hopelessness they experience daily are a direct result of the environment’s degradation:

  • drastic climate change from cutting down trees without replanting;erosion in Kenya
  • disease due to inadequate sanitation and pollution;
  • hunger from poor agricultural practices.
  • Lake Victoria, the source of livelihood to over 30 million people, is teetering on destruction.


The majority of these young people go to bed hungry in houses without light or water.

They are continually told they are of little value and will

never escape poverty.Widow Rachel with grandaugher Ruth in front of her previous house.


Duiker peers from bush.

Duiker peers from bush.

Suba Environmental Education of Kenya (S.E.E.K.) has a camp for school kids on the shores of Lake Victoria. It has been protected so that wild animals who have lost  habitat come there for refuge: hippos, tiny antelope, mongoose, wildcats, monkeys,  beautiful birds.SDC10010



Here classes of school children have  great fun as they learn how to restore the land and lake. They also learn of God’s love for them and of their inestimable value.

After a camp, in their school clubs,  they become enthusiastically busy trying to change things-planting trees, cleaning up trash, helping their schools with better sanitation.

SEEK’s 13 acres are divided by a 10 acre plot. If the middle land can be purchased, making the property 23 acres, Kenya Wildlife Services have committed  to help make the property a CONSERVANCY by giving  S.E.E.K.  giraffe, zebra and impala. Then these kids, who never see the wildlife Kenya is famous for, would be camping among these beautiful animals while  learning about the importance of protecting them along with their other ecological studies.

$100,000 is needed to purchase and fence this middle property so the Environmental Education Program for these kids can continue and be greatly enhanced, giving wildlife a refuge and the children  life changing experiences.Kombe Environmental Club Visit

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