Sponsors Needed!

There are 54,000 orphans in Suba District. In Suba itself, only 25% of the adult population has graduated from secondary school. Imagine the difference it would make in any community to have such an uneducated population. So your givng a hand up to one of these wonderful young people through sponsorship will not only bring a new life to your child but will also  change his community. Every life cherished and equipped has tremendous potential to impact others.

When these young people receive sponsorships, they become part of the SEEK family. They are mentored, loved, encouraged and given opportunities to serve, finding value as they see their lives make a difference.

97% of your donation will go directly to meet the needs of your sponsored child.

Use the Donate button at the top of the page for secure donation or on the side bar for Paypal, naming the child you would like to help. We will send you a picture and more information and keep you updated!

A regular sponsorship is $35 a month. But any amount at any time will be a great help and will be applied to the most needy child!

1. MACREEN  Macreen macreen standing

Though Macreen has struggled in life, she has an awesome heart for service. Her parents divorced, and she ended up with her mother together with four other siblings. After some time in 2016 her ailing mother became so severely ill that Macreen had to stop going to school since as the first born it was her responsibility to take care of her mother and siblings. This prevented Macreen from doing well in her studies since much of her attention was put on household chores. She joined a high school this year, but because her mother’s condition worsened and then she died,  Macreen never actually attended. Macreen and her siblings were left alone and confused. Macreen was taken in by her grandmother and is now living with her in a small rental house in Mbita. She is very bright, and if given opportunity will do well in high school and have a good future.

2. SHEN  and his three siblings are still in shock from the death only two months ago of his father, a godly leader in the area,  who was Bishop  of the local PEFA Church. Then two weeks later, the mother died too. Hezron invited Shen to the Teen Camp. For his part in the Christmas party, Shen picked the work of face painting. He brought smiles to many kids during this event. Shen is very reserved, and it is hard to know what is in his mind, but you realize how dedicated he is to doing a perfect job by watching him. This is Shen’s fourth year, his last, at Oriwo Boys High School. What a comfort it would bring to him to know there is someone who would enable him to finish high school. Without intervention, it is scary to think about what might happen to Shen.

3. MARTHA Martha 

Martha is a very quiet girl, but when you draw her out in conversation she seems full of wisdom. She comes from small nearby rural Nyamanga village. Her father, a very hardworking man, is lame. Out of his work of repairing shoes, he has managed successfully to enable all of  Martha’s siblings to go to school, though it has been difficult. Martha says that her father is much overwhelmed by school fees since she has two siblings in high school, and younger kids are coming up.

In an area where the average family’s income is $320 a year and high school tuition for the year is $500, it is almost impossible to educate your children through secondary school. Martha believes that God can still see her through High School. She is trusting Him for a miracle. She cracked  jokes during her interview despite her challenge. I love the fact that Martha can still afford that smile. She was a member of the Environmental Club SEEK runs at her school. Staff saw that she was a self- disciplined girl. When SEEK staff did devotions with the children on Fridays, Martha was very attentive, seeking to know and serve God more.

4. EDDIE WILLIAMS KOREEddie William Kore close up

Eddie’s father is totally incapacitated with AIDS, and his  mother, also an AIDS victim, is operating a  kiosk where she sells things to sustain the family.  In Kenya, a student’s performance on his standardized test at the end of 8th grade determines whether or not he will be able to attend high school and where. Eddie was called to join a national school, the highest level.  Though Eddie is related to some outstanding people in Christian service in the community, these folks are struggling to support other children they have taken in to help and are unable to provide for his schooling.

A sponsorship of $35 a month will enable this wonderful young man to get an education at a top notch high school.


5. MARY CLARE  Mary Clare

Mary Clare comes from a very humble background. After the death of her father in Nyakach, Mary Clare, her two siblings and the mother together were chased from their paternal home by her father’s brothers and were warned never to return. This happened because they did not want to share the inheritance from their father with the family.

Later her mother also died. Mary Clare was taken to an orphanage in Kisii , where they later traced  her grandmother (mother to her mother) who is staying in Mbita. Mary Clare is so happy to be staying with her jovial grandmother who brought her to SEEK hoping to find a way for her bright sweet granddaughter to be able to attend high school. Mary Clare received excellent scores on her standardized tests at the end of 8th grade. She says she has a dream  of becoming a surgeon, and that will never happen unless she can continue to go to school.  Kenya needs doctors!

6.  ASHLEYAshley

Ashley’s mom does some casual work around the town to fend for a family of four, of whom Ashley is the first born daughter. Ashley cannot explain why her father is in jail. Even her mother does not understand how this happened.

Ashley is optimistic that she will definitely make it to school. She is currently staying with another one of the sponsored scholar’s, Tony Blair’s, mother at their small rental house in Mbita town.


Emmaculate smiling7. EMMACULATE

Emmaculate is a very jovial girl despite the challenges she is facing. She comes from a polygamous home where her father who is old enough to be her grandfather has four wives. Emmaculate’s mother is the fourth and youngest wife and has 9 children. The average annual income in the area of Kombe where she lives is $300! But high school costs $500 a year.  Only good students who perform well on standardized tests are given the opportunity to go to secondary school. It is easy to see from this that it is a huge struggle for a poor rural family to educate so many. Still these farm families want to have a lot of children, both because life is hard and they can help their family in all the work, and also because the death rate is so high that a family wants a lot of children to ensure some will still be alive to care for their parents in their old age.

Emmaculate’s siblings are very bright, and two of her sisters have had  opportunity to further their education but are struggling to stay in school due to funds. Emmaculate also fears this year will be like 2017 when the school she attended kept sending her home because of unpaid school fees. She still managed to pass her tests well and was promoted to the second year of high school despite the challenges of being home so much when others were busy studying in school. Staff see a girl that who will stand strong and help her community through education.


Valarie lost her father in 2017 and is living with her mother who helps people in their house chores and also styles hair on request. This helps her get their daily meals, but is not enough to keep Valarie in school. When there is a little money her mother can pay, the high school she attends allows her to come to school but then sends Valerie home when the remaining school fees are unpaid. Hence Valarie is on and off at school despite being very able academically. Valarie’s siblings are sponsored by Christ’s Gift Academy so they are secured in terms of school fees, but CGA has a limit of how many children in a family they can help. She is in her second year at Rusinga Girls High School. She will need a sponsorship of $35 a month for 3 years to enable her to graduate from high school. This is a young lady’s way to have hope for a good future. Uneducated girls are often misused and treated shamefully.