Sponsors Needed!

There are 54,000 orphans in Suba District.

Give a hand up to one of these wonderful young people through sponsorship. This will truly make a difference as every life cherished and nurtured with the love of Christ has tremendous potential to impact others.

97% of your donation will go directly to meet the needs of your sponsored child.

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A regular sponsorship is $35 a month. But any amount at any time will be a great help and will be applied to the most needy child!



When Max came to a Life Skills Camp at SEEK in 2010, the most noticeable characteristic about him was that he was so hungry he would eat anything! He was a small sized boy who had never seen his parents,  staying with his Aunt in Kombe a rural area nearby. She traveled a lot and was not often with hi . Maxuel has been the top boy in Kombe Primary and was very disciplined. He did not talk much, but he seemed full of wisdom.

Maxwell was invited to one of the best secondary schools, Mbita Boys. Sponsors enabled him to finish high school.

Max did not tell SEEK he needed glasses because he did not want to be a bigger burden.  But when we found out and got them for him, his grades greatly improved, and he was accepted at Kenyatta University, one of Kenya’s best, because of his great scores. He has a partial scholarship so that he can attend university at a greatly reduced cost. SEEK gave Max business training and a small loan, and he was able to make money to help with his first semester.  January 2016, he began his second semester at Kenyatta.

$35 a month for the next 3 years will enable Maxwell to complete university enabling him to get a job and help others.



Brenda Asunta

Brenda Asunta

Brenda Asunta from Gwassi Hills is faithful to conduct herself with discipline. She is an Environmental Club member from Moi Girls Secondary School, starting her last year of secondary school in January 2016.  She is an average student but because she lacks money to pay for school she often misses school. Brenda’s polygamous father died, and she was left with her many mothers and a number of siblings who have no support. Brenda attended the Life Skills Character Camp in November 2015 at SEEK.

She will need sponsorship for 2016 to finish secondary school.








Collins was the chairman of Environmental Club in Mbita Primary School, where he demonstrated his leadership ability. He has just graduated from 8th grade, the end of primary school, and he scored very well on his standardized test, ensuring that he will be invited to attend a better high school.

Both of his parents are living. The  father is a watchman at a nearby school where he makes around $2 a day, while the mother is at home. Both the parents are infected by AIDS, and Collins fears that he won’t make it to secondary school. Collin’s mother came to SEEK before the release of his test result and was pleading for help, fearing Collins may not make it to school due to their status.  The cost of high school runs around $500 a year, less than Collins’ dad will make in the same amount of time.

Collins is a man with big dreams who hopes to transform for a better future the community where he resides.




Form 4, Senator Otieno Kajuang’ High School

Birthday December 25th, 1996

Staff got to know David through ministry at his primary school. David was an obvious leader and bright.  He was the president of the Environmental Club that SEEK oversees at the school.

David’s father has 2 wives and 19 children.  David’s mother is not altogether normal mentally.  His dad has been trying to take care of his family by making rope from local sisal plants and weaving baskets.

David was 3 grades behind because his father could not keep paid the fees of around $70 a year for primary school. David would have to drop out of school because his fees were not paid and then start the grade over the next year.

Now David is in his 4th year of secondary school.  Because he is such a fine young man, disciplined and a serious student, the school does not send him home when he is behind in paying his school fees. SEEK staff and others have contributed to his school fees when they can. A sponsorship for 2016 will enable him to finally finish school!

One evening on his way to study at school, David was bitten by a puff adder, and he survived!



Tony’s Tony Blair (2)father died during post election violence in 2008. He was injured in the violence and died shortly after leaving Tony and his sister and his mother. The mother is staying in Mbita doing casual work  washing clothes for people so she can provide for Tony and his sister go to school and put a meal on the table. Tony scored high marks on the standardized tests in Usare Primary where SEEK staff hold an environmental club and lead devotions on Friday.  Besides being intelligent, Tony has a strong respect for God and wants to serve Him.






enos upcloseStaff met Raila  initially  when he was still in the lower class.  He remembers caning Raila when he stole some money from his neighbor. He took him to his mother and  became good friend since then. Staff is with him at Mbita primary school for Environmental Club, Pastor Devotions and CPR. He is clever and now a very good boy.

The father died when Raila was very young, and the mother decided to take him to the lake region where she is selling fish and peanuts to see to it that Raila eats and goes to school. The mother cannot afford secondary school given what she earns from selling her goods. Raila scored excellent marks on his standardized test, and will be invited to attend a good secondary school this year 2016.




Velma came to Life Skills Character Camp at SEEK in November 2015. In her personal life she faces many challenges, and during the camp gave herself to Jesus, entrusting her life to Him. She is very  clever but can’t stay in School  because she lacks money to pay school fees. Both her parents are alive but are struggling and unable to raise any fee for her. She is currently in form three (third year of secondary school) and very optimistic that her dreams will be realized when she regains the opportunity of her being in school.  Two years of sponsorship will enable this young lady to complete secondary school.



birthday 20th October 1996

(Syprose with Ruth, Hezron and Mary’s oldest.)

Syprose’s father died in 2001 when she was in nursery school, and her mother died in 2007. In primary school, Syprose was living with a grandmother. The father’s family had rejected her, and so Syprose lived with the mother of one of her father’s four wives. (He was a polygamist.) This sickly maternal step grandmother was the only family left alive that would take her in.

Our staff got to know her when they did ministry at Mbita Primary and found her a quiet girl who worked hard and showed excellent character, with a genuine sweetness about her.

One day at school Hezron found Syprose crying as she talked to another student who had been to camp at SEEK. Syprose had received the letter inviting her to attend a national school, one of the top schools in Kenya, because of her excellent scores.  She so wanted to go to school, but knew there was no one in her life who would or could pay the over six hundred dollars a year needed. Hezron encouraged her to trust God. He is faithful to answer prayer, and so in answer to prayer, various donors at different times sent money and paid for her secondary school.

While she was in secondary school, because Hezron and Mary saw that extended family were no longer able to help care for Syprose, they took her in as their daughter.  She has been staying on the SEEK base and been a blessing to us all.  Syprose scored very high on the standardized tests at the end of secondary school and was offered a government subsidized university education to obtain a Bachelors of Arts degree at one of the best universities:  Moi University in ELdoret.

In between secondary school and starting university, through some training at SEEK and a small bank loan, Syprose started a small business and made enough money to pay for her first semester. Again, people who know of her have sent money from time to time, and staff have given her small help here and there.

$35 a month will now cover Syprose’s needs at university. She started her second year first semester in January 2016.

The result will be a wonderful Christian lady with great character and faith in God becoming an educated citizen of Kenya, enabled to make an impact for Jesus on this generation.









Joyce Atieno

Moi Girls Secondary School, Second year

Joyce is  from Rusinga Island. Both her parents died, and she is staying with her brother and his large family of ten children. Her brother is a fisherman, but is very sickly. The teacher at Moi Girls Secondary School  forwarded her case to SEEK, and we invited her for the November Life Skills Camp. She is quiet and shy maybe because of her upbringing. Joyce has not been consistent in school  attendance, again because of lack of finances, and that has also demoralized her grades, but she is still maintaining average grades.