December 2015

Behold we bring you tidings of great joy which will be for all the people!
Glory to God in the highest, and upon earth, peace among men of good will. Luke 2:10,12

Character Camp

Character Camp

Thanks to you, people of good will, joy has been brought to many people because of your kindnesses.–know this Christmas, at Jesus’ birthday, you have given expression to the love of God. BECAUSE OF YOU His kids have experienced and then they themselves have spread abroad His HOPE, LOVE and JOY!
Such as the tenth graders above at Character Camp, which wouldn’t have taken place at all without the kindness of those who gathered at Calvary Chapel Rivergate. Friday night November 20th.
Tim and Myles Thompson played, and the $1100 raised enabled Character Camp that began the next Monday. Whew! Just in the nick of time! Hezr
Hezron reported, “It was a great camp in which many students were helped. Their stories of suffering were touching, and we realized the camp was at key timing in their lives! We had 1 counselor for every 5 students, and the counseling went very well. The Officer in Charge of the Police Station came to talk to the students and his interaction with them was excellent.”

“To serve others, the students dug a trench to lay pipes to connect the Widow Damaris’ property to water, allowing her to grow food in her garden.” Concerning the project, JP writes that Damaris’ water is now connected, completing her chosen project. The students helped and the Ogal family contributed pipes and labor so that it was a community effort; they will also benefit having the water connection much nearer to their compounds. (SOUNDS LIKE CHRISTMAS!) “At the end of camp the students did not want to go home saying it felt like moving from the presence of God back to terrible situations. They commented on the love and peace they felt while here.”

Pamela terracing
The five Isaiah 61 Widows are implementing methods of land restoration and helping each other succeed. We still need to purchase water tanks and gutters for Beatrice and Pamela. Roseline’s and Benta’s gardens will wait til the New Year.

We are proud of Nick Odhiambo’s completion of his second degree in Community Development and Governance from the MS Training Center for Development Cooperation in Tanzania. He reports,” It was quite a joyful moment at graduation as I witnessed how wonderful our God is! Of the 39 students enrolled for the course, only six graduated! Fortunately, I was among them and topped the list in performance!”

$$$ Another Business Training was just held. Participants received official Kenya business certificates and SEEK staff will do follow up. If they implement what they learned, they will be eligible for small business loans. What pleasure they receive as they become successful business people, able to care for family.

This year 20 Magnificents, wonderful young orphans, have gone to school who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to, because of your generosity. One writes to his sponsor, “It is still in my memory how it was not well with me as the only boy who remained in the village when the others joined high schools of their choice. I thank God for the hope and joy restored through you when I was able to join high school. I am working hard so that your sponsorship will not be wasted.”

Kombe Environmental Club Visit
It is hard to put a number on the people helped through your kindnesses and God’s grace this year, but every week over 1000 children are assisted with love and instruction, from Environmental Clubs to Village Christian Clubs to High School Ministries. Some weeks 2000.

The rains have come and every day trees are being sold through SEEK’s tree nursery. Trees sold are cared for, benefit the people who bought them, and are one of the most significant way of restoring environment. Research done in Israeli’s forests shows that if only 12% of the arid places of the world were reforested, a gigaton of carbon would be sequestered, equivalent to shutting 1000 coal plants! So thanks for helping us plant trees. The school children alone have maintained over 1000 trees. I will place the cedar in the wilderness, the acacia, the myrtle and the olive tree.. that they may recognize that the hand of the Lord has done this.” Is.41:19-20

While Don is gaining strength, he spends much time in prayer and Bible study, daily praying and listening concerning Suba. We are in constant communication with the ministry. We had a delightful Thanksgiving in Chicago with Heather, Aaron and 4 wonderful grandchildren. Christmas we are blessed to spend in LA with dear Bryan, Sarah and Mark.

Prayers and Needs Wish List – if you would like specifics for loving acts to these~
 Camps -life changing 4 kids- $20 sends a child to a 3 day camp ( $600 a class) $20/$600
 Widows- $300 enables us to put in water catchment at a widow’s house so she can grow food. $120 for a donkey to carry water! $300 / $120
 Hezron’s trip to the USA in Feb. in which he will be learning about the best of Texas outdoor, environmental education camping programs- We have $1000 so far and need another $500 for his air fare, $200 for other travel needs. $any
 Please pray Hez gets his visa with no problem!
 Sponsorships for the 20 Magnificent for 2016. $35 a month $35 x 12
 Environmental school club costs $50 a month per school club $50
 A water pump for the campus as the old one is almost done for. $850 $850
 Outreaches to youth and children living in rough and hard circumstances $50 ea.
 Wireless system for the base $250
 Bright Box solar lighting system for staff living in houses without light $135
We would like every staff to receive one for Christmas.

How grateful we are with you to be part of this, God’s redeeming love, in Suba Kenya, empowering God’s precious young people, orphans and widows to restore their land. We recognize that all accomplished is motivated by God’s unfailing love and enabled by His empowering grace. All things are possible in the presence of God.
Thank you! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a blessed 2016!
Don and Nancy Richards, SEEK Staff

Any donations are gratefully accepted– send to KENYA ISLANDS MISSIONS, INC. P.O. Box 1262 Bentonville AR 72712 or through PAYPAL/ Credit card at website . Tax receipts will be sent in January. Please note that according to IRS guidelines (Pub 526) in order for a donation to be deductible, its use must be left to the discretion of the charitable organization (KIM)

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