December 2012

“My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27 December 14, 2012
Dear Friends,

The mystery of Christmas – in an obscure setting a teenage girl from an insignificant town delivered a vulnerable infant, God’s Salvation and Answer to every human need. While a cacophony of political and religious business carried on, only a few who focused on God knew what was happening and entered His peace: a blameless priest and his wife whose endless prayers were supernaturally answered; red neck shepherds out in the country who saw an angelic host and decided to follow up; a devout old man earnestly praying night and day for the Consolation of Israel; a very old widow spending her days at church, interceding; scholars who studied antiquities and stars intently and followed their findings

And it carries on similarly in all our lives and at S.E.E.K.
In an environmentally degraded, rural, poor, AIDS infested 1055 square km. district of 210,000 people, Suba District. Kenya, God brings His amazing Solution humbly, quietly, graciously, and effectively moving in love to bless and guide all who seek Him.
The miracle of Christmas continues.

Don and I were concerned because the money that was donated in November did not even cover salaries. (Actually I was panicking.)We felt terrible that staff would be short of money, widows would be laid off, etc. right before Christmas. BUT God is so faithful. This test brought us joy as staff continued in faith, wrote us consoling letters because they were worried about us! and carried on accomplishing much. We praise God that several people have now sent in enough money to cover the month.
Nick, S.E.E.K. Assistant Manager wrote, “We are appreciative of what the Lord is doing and we cannot thank Him enough for it all. He has been good to us as a Base and we have mightily seen His able hand upon all our activities down here.”

Curt Bryson wrote on Facebook concerning the Life Skills Camp held end of November: “God put on my heart that the theme should be “Lead by Example” from 1 Timothy 4:12/ God used this verse to bless their lives and to empower them. We also taught them how to be good stewards of the environment, how to stay healthy, how to remained focused, how to make good career choices and how to work as a team. I wish you could have seen how hard they worked when they completely built a house for a widow. It really blessed me. At the beginning of the camp, no one would talk to each other and by the end, they did not want to leave each other. At the camp fire on the last night, many gave their lives to the Lord and rededicated themselves. Also, many said they did not expect the camp to be this great. All this happened because we dedicated ourselves to prayer prior to camp starting. Teens lives were radically changed because of the power of prayer and Jesus Christ. ”
(a bit abbreviated)
Later, sponsored by Bobby Johnson, a missionary from the U.S.A., Hezron, Jenny, Curt and some of the ten went to Mfangano Island to teach pastors how to run camps for children and youth. The pastors had fun as they were told to act like the youth. Now they will hold camps in three areas on the island, thus reaching a large number where concern and mentoring of the youth has been virtually non existent (except for those in the Gethsemane Program or the Suba Lakers soccer team or God’s Grace).

On 12-12-12 at 2 o’clock children from the area came together for a Day of Worship. They were taught by Hez, the Magnificent 10 (teen age orphan scholars who are serving God faithfully), Jenny on how to distinguish truth from lies, and Curt on how they are today’s (not tomorrow’s) leaders. There was joyous praise dancing, the children choreographed themselves. Staff put together enough money to give each child one cookie, which they really enjoyed.

Beekeeping. One way of restoring health to the environment is in giving incentive to locals to plant and protect trees through bee keeping. Acacia, one of the trees God says He will plant to bring water to the poor, Isaiah 41:19, is a source of nice honey and is designed for semi arid areas. An Italian NGO helped SEEK with inexpensive hives and is training staff. Nick wrote, “Regarding Bee Keeping, the training is going really well: The trainer is superb! Immediately when the hives were delivered to the store room, they were colonized by bees and had to be moved so that we could get in to the store! We are expecting honey in four months.We will need to build an apiary to protect people and animals, but meanwhile they are getting on fine!”
SEEK will be training locals, helping them to have their own hives for food and income and helping them with acacia and other suitable trees from our nursery.

Thank you for your prayers! We always see answers, so please pause and pray.
“If God did not spare His own Son but delivered Him up for us all, how is it possible that He will not with Him in grace give us all things?” Rm.8:32
1. Increased income- an auction is being held this month and other means from this side. God to put us in touch with those who would be blessed to support this ministry.
2. God’s hand enabling SEEK to make money from Kenya side. It is possible for all of it to come in from there. At the present about 20% does. In Deuteronomy 8:18 Moses says,” It is the Lord your God who enables you to make wealth.”
3. We have applied for a grant for vehicles, camps, and the land. Pray with us for God’s favor.
4. Scholarships of $600 each for the school year starting in January for these godly orphaned scholars. If you are interested in hearing their stories, just let us know.
Samson, Lukas, Syprose Brenda Judith, Winfred Wakoli, Walter, Michal, Maxwell
On Mfangano: Soleman, Zainabu, Scovia, Lizzie, Ifa, Elizabeth.
5. If you would like to participate and give any of the following, WELCOME! a. $70 Arbor Loo-provides a toilet for one of 72% of families in the district without one. b. $25 provides water catchment for a widow’s house c. $12 provides a small veggie garden to provide food for a widow d. $20 enables an outreach to a fishing village to children e. $60 enables taking a Christian movie and ministry to a community f. $500 pays for a dairy goat barn with milking stall g. $1500 pays for putting water catchment on the education center h. $600 will buy a solar fridge we can use to keep meds for chickens, enabling us to help widows with chickens i.$500 will enable us to start egg production.. eggs are imported into Mbita from several hours away
Don and Nancy Richards
Any donations are gratefully accepted– send to KENYA ISLANDS MISSIONS, INC. P.O. Box 84 Lowell AR 72745 or through PAYPAL at website Tax deductible receipts will be sent in January.
Biblical Environmental Education for Sustainable Development

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