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What we do best! Christmas Reflections

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” “I came that they may have life and have it in abundance.”                          Jn. 3:16, 10:10 God’s sacrificial love expressed through Christ has been spreading quietly but exponentially since that first Christmas, bringing abundant life into dark places. Our sincere thanks to you. You are part of the Christmas miracle, for far away in an impoverished and hopeless district of Kenya, your loving kindness too has been transformational, like Ebenezer Scrooge on Tiny Tim’s family after the ghosts’ visit! Following are stories of changed lives impacting others for good through this ministry.  Congratulations! His love through you goes on and on! Here are several different S.E.E.K. staff comments on what we are doing best at S.E.E.K., and how people’s lives are being influenced. J.P. writes, “For quite a while I have felt that SEEK’s best and unique feature is our Environmental Camps. When we combine our talents, knowledge, professionalism, love for God and the natural and unique campus that SEEK offers, it is one of the most effective ways of not only teaching young people environmental stewardship, but pointing them to the Creator. Curt adds, “Many of their lives have been transformed by the Word of God while attending camps. Through the wilderness trails and the many experiential learning activities, the children become more aware of their environment, and this affects how they treat it. They get three very nice meals a day and a snack, and many comment that they did not know people can eat like this. The children leave energized, and we hear from many parents that their children have been educating them at home on what they learned.” Nick Odhiambo writes, “What we do best at SEEK is The School Environmental Clubs where pupils are trained in environmental stewardship. The way we do this is unique and found with no other organization since it is Bible Based Environmental Conservation training. I recall that when World Vision (a Christian NGO) wanted to engage school pupils in their Integrated Climate Protection Project funded by BMZ, they came to us and said that we are the only organization doing this with school children. They said they had to have us involved to ensure success!” “This project has had a great influence in the lives of the children involved and their families. A specific example is Michael Marinda in Mbita Primary School. His father Boaz Luke came to me to thank me for inculcating environmental stewardship in his son. He said that the boy has completely changed the attitude of the rest of his family members towards the environment and their role in caring for it! He went on to explain that the boy had taught him new ways of tree planting and care that he had never known! He said that all the trees that the boy planted at home were better that those planted by his siblings and dad. Mr. Boaz wanted to take us to his home to witness this impact but we had no time as we were already late and had to travel back to Mbita after a very successful session on alternative sources of income under Conservation.”   “Mbita Primary School emerged the best overall club in Clubs Tree Planting Competition for this year. The unique thing about what they did was that they did their project in a very dry and bare ground to introduce shade around the school playground. In spite of the ground being very rocky, dry and bare, they went ahead and prepared holes...
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Thanking God for good News…May 2016

  “I am the Alpha and the Omega,  the originating cause and the One who brings to completion.”Rev.22:12 Tremendous Thanks for 14 New SponsorsNew Sponsors for Magnificents! Tony Blair, newly sponsored, as an 8th grader had been named , as an 8th grader had been named Children’s Governor for Homa Bay County. He is a good leader and a God fearing younCounty. He is a good leader and a God fearing young man, but without a sponsor, his mom who washes clothes for a living would not have been awould not have been able to pay for his High School. Hezron writes that the government Children’s OfficHezron writes that the government Children’s Officer gave $30 to add to the $70 that had come in from Tony’s new sponsor so that they would have the $100 sponsor so that they would have the $100 needed to get him started. The Officer overflowed with praise tooverflowed with praise to God. Magnificent  Orphans*: Sam Agunda, the first Magnificent graduated, from Meru University with a degree in Actuarial Science! We are so proud! Thank you to those who helped him pay for the stolen laptop he had borrowed, thus enabling him to graduate. He now has a job with the Kenya Revenue Authority. Tremendous Thanks for 14 New Sponsorsfor Magnificents! Tony Blair, newly sponsored,  as an 8th grader had been named Children’s Governor for Homa Bay County. He is a good leader and a God fearing young man, but without a sponsor, his mom who washes clothes for a living would not have been able to pay for his High School. Hezron writes that the government Children’s Officer gave $30 to add to the $70 that had come in from Tony’s new sponsor so that they would have the $100 needed to get him started. The Officer overflowed with praise to God. Hezron came back from the USA fired up, reaching out to more and more.  Even the nursing school at the excellent Tenwek Mission Hospital where  one of the Magnificents is in school is asking for CPR (see explanation of CPR on page 2,#4) teaching for its students. SEEK asked God to be able to reach out to 120,000 youth  and children in Suba District which includes over 50,000 orphans, and we thank Him that He is enabling us. TELS** CAMP FOR ORPHAN SCHOLARS: a CAMP for 37 young people, including the Magnificents, was held last week at SEEK in preparation for their return to school first week of May. Hezron, Lillian, Paul, Walter joined forces along with grads of Compassion International program. Environmental Clubs SEEK runs in the Schools have been teaching about waste management and have helped  implement clean up in several fishing villages and communities. David Okeyo reports that cases of Cholera, Typhoid and Amoeba have been reduced in these areas according to the assessment of January 2016. Way to go kids! In January when David approached each school where SEEK has run environmental clubs to see if  they want to continue, the results were overwhelmingly positive, driven by the 2015 K.C.P.E. test results  in which club members excelled. In most schools the top ten I scoring students were SEEK Club Kids! Nick continues to be asked to share on GREEN ENERGY with BIO GAS as an effective as an effective solution for both bringing health to Lake Victoria and as a source of energy for light and cooking. The widows’ orchards and wood  lots continue to be productive!  The FMNR trees doing the best! The challenge for Agro forestry  is keeping up with the demand for its excellent graftedfruit trees and indigenous species.  PRAY  for the Costa Rica Environment and Resource Stewardship team led by Curt and Tina coming out to SEEK this...
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December 2015

Behold we bring you tidings of great joy which will be for all the people! Glory to God in the highest, and upon earth, peace among men of good will. Luke 2:10,12 Thanks to you, people of good will, joy has been brought to many people because of your kindnesses.–know this Christmas, at Jesus’ birthday, you have given expression to the love of God. BECAUSE OF YOU His kids have experienced and then they themselves have spread abroad His HOPE, LOVE and JOY! Such as the tenth graders above at Character Camp, which wouldn’t have taken place at all without the kindness of those who gathered at Calvary Chapel Rivergate. Friday night November 20th. Tim and Myles Thompson played, and the $1100 raised enabled Character Camp that began the next Monday. Whew! Just in the nick of time! Hezr Hezron reported, “It was a great camp in which many students were helped. Their stories of suffering were touching, and we realized the camp was at key timing in their lives! We had 1 counselor for every 5 students, and the counseling went very well. The Officer in Charge of the Police Station came to talk to the students and his interaction with them was excellent.” “To serve others, the students dug a trench to lay pipes to connect the Widow Damaris’ property to water, allowing her to grow food in her garden.” Concerning the project, JP writes that Damaris’ water is now connected, completing her chosen project. The students helped and the Ogal family contributed pipes and labor so that it was a community effort; they will also benefit having the water connection much nearer to their compounds. (SOUNDS LIKE CHRISTMAS!) “At the end of camp the students did not want to go home saying it felt like moving from the presence of God back to terrible situations. They commented on the love and peace they felt while here.” MORE JOY The five Isaiah 61 Widows are implementing methods of land restoration and helping each other succeed. We still need to purchase water tanks and gutters for Beatrice and Pamela. Roseline’s and Benta’s gardens will wait til the New Year. We are proud of Nick Odhiambo’s completion of his second degree in Community Development and Governance from the MS Training Center for Development Cooperation in Tanzania. He reports,” It was quite a joyful moment at graduation as I witnessed how wonderful our God is! Of the 39 students enrolled for the course, only six graduated! Fortunately, I was among them and topped the list in performance!” $$$ Another Business Training was just held. Participants received official Kenya business certificates and SEEK staff will do follow up. If they implement what they learned, they will be eligible for small business loans. What pleasure they receive as they become successful business people, able to care for family. This year 20 Magnificents, wonderful young orphans, have gone to school who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to, because of your generosity. One writes to his sponsor, “It is still in my memory how it was not well with me as the only boy who remained in the village when the others joined high schools of their choice. I thank God for the hope and joy restored through you when I was able to join high school. I am working hard so that your sponsorship will not be wasted.” It is hard to put a number on the people helped through your kindnesses and God’s grace this year, but every week over 1000 children are assisted with love and instruction, from Environmental Clubs to Village Christian Clubs to High School Ministries. Some weeks 2000....
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September 2015

These things I have spoken to you in order that in Me you may be having peace. In the world you are having tribulation. But be having courage. I have come off victorious over the world with a permanent victory. Jn 16:33 God has solutions for every tribulation, every challenge. We must step out in courage: The Magnificents: “God is your Father. Just go believing,” Hezron told the Magnificents, several teen orphans with no family and no school fees, five years ago when it was time to go to secondary boarding school. They went in faith, and God provided for them. We remember Samson saying, “I feel like the son of a King” when money showed up for his school. Five years later they are on partial scholarships in some of the best universities in Kenya. The subsidized cost per semester for them is around $325. Again they stepped out in faith and traveled to their universities without their tuition. Two gracious ladies have given a start for them which has been applied to their university fees. Syprose and Samson had used loans to start small businesses from which they were able to pay some of their fees. Syprose owes $90 for her first semester, and Samson owes just $50. Maxwell owes $180. A great investment for the future of Kenya. These are young people of awesome character. In Suba, degraded land and climate change from deforestation have made hunger a killer. Farming God’s Way We asked for sponsors for this and you responded! Creation Care in Kijabe hosted a Farming God’s Way training and with your help it was funded for four of our staff. This kind of conservation agriculture came through an answer to a Zimbabwe farmer’s prayer. With FGW, the same land that once bore 2 sacks of corn now produces over 50 sacks. Nick wrote, “Praise God! I can’t thank enough for the experience we had at the FGW training! It was a life changing experience. The course involves giving your whole life to Christ in everything you do. It entails striving to meet the needs of the poor and combating poverty through helping the poor attain food security in agriculture that gives God glory as the first farmer, the first gardener and forester! ” The Isaiah 61 Widow Agriculture second phase is underway, with the ladies out working on projects on each other’s properties. Again, widows with land: Benta, Damaris, Pamela, Roseline and Beatrice are finding ways to restore their land’s productivity for agri-business. SEEK Agricultural Head, Paul A’bongo writes, “They are lively, active, interactive, teachable and committed to learning; They have been committed to transformative Bible study and spirit building devotions every morning. This increasingly left positive marks in the lives of the widows. They have developed a communal attitude to work with each other and face the challenges in their communities with innovative remedies.” Please pray for God’s solution to their water challenge. We know He has one! ACC Rwanda- Thank you so much to those who funded Hezron’s participation in the African Christian Camping training in Rwanda, where he served on its board in support role. As always, he returned with enthusiasm for implementation of ways to work as a team, disciple and to bring in money needed to keep the ministry ongoing. He has already shared with staff. Paga Primary School Reward Tour to Kisumu. Again thank you. The students said it was “WOW!” The teachers were so grateful for the students’ exposure to many learning opportunities and fun. Now the first place winners, Mbita Primary, are offered free housing, food, and a tour of the Environmental Education Center at...
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February 2013

Dear Friends, Charity Pros is running an online auction for Suba Environmental Education of Kenya/ ministry of Kenya Islands Mission, Inc. !!! Go to The Auction runs from the 10th through the 18th of February. The proceeds will be used for ministry to the orphans and widows of Suba District, including their involvement in restoring the degraded environment and improving their communities with health, agriculture, reforestation, etc.. Charity Pros takes a small percent just to cover their costs. Crafts are already here in Tennessee. Items of the auction include handcrafts from Margaret Nyangi’s Bananas of Hope Crafts and those from other artists. Margaret, a wonderful woman who did much to improve the plight of widows, died in November and this will be the last chance to purchase her classic crafts. Also being auctioned is an afternoon guitar session given by John Carter Cash in his father’s, Johnny Cash’s, cabin recording studio in Hendersonville TN where many legends have played and many new artists continue to play with a backstage tour of the location and grounds. A 4 Day Fishing Trip for four for Nile Perch and Tilapia on Lake Victoria from the luxury Rusinga Fishing Camp for June 2013. Guests will be staying at SEEK and going to the lodge each day for fishing, lunch and relaxing by the pool. Trip includes visiting local beaches and enjoying orphan presentations. This will be followed by a one night safari to the beautiful Nakuru National Park (below) home to millions of pink flamingo, who provide a breath taking sight as they take flight. Nakuru also is home to rhino, lions, giraffe, zebra, leopard, hippo, hyena, monkeys, baboon, many antelope species, wild pig, etc. A stay at one of Nairobi’s finest hotels and visits to crafts and places of note in Nairobi will end the trip. The auction also provides a way to donate from $25 to $100. COSTA RICA Don and I have just returned from Costa Rica with a blessed time of working with Youth With A Mission, Heredia’s Environment and Resource Stewardship School. The students and staff in the school were wonderful, mature Christians, full of fun and devoted to God. It was a privilege to share there. We witnessed supernatural abundance from the gardens where organic farming techniques are being implemented. Terry and Donna Keith, the leaders of that base, treated us so hospitably. They took us to Ballena Beach near Panama, located in a marine reserve, where jungle meets the brilliant blue of the Pacific. We were overwhelmed with the intricate detailing and amazing wisdom of our God in this part of His creation. Hermit crabs, howler monkeys, a whale and noisy parrots entertained us. We thank God for the outstanding DTS team from YWAM Ozark Arkansas who have done much fruitful ministry at SEEK for the last six weeks. The staff report they were a great blessing. The team leaves this week. Picture: DTS students working on apiary. • Please note our new E MAIL address: PRAYER: “Whatever you ask the Father in view of all that I am in His estimation, He will give it to you.” John 15:17 Wuest • For the success of the auction. • For the upcoming elections in Kenya…peace, righteousness and truth. • For the many terrific orphans, we work with, intelligent, godly teens who need scholarships for secondary school. We have a waiting list of 8. $600 for a year of boarding high school or any contribution at all. • Nancy Ogolla, who has helped us market widows’ pillows needs $600 for college. • A vehicle Love and blessings, Don and Nancy Richards Biblical Environmental Education for...
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