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An Overcomer We Love! October 1 2018

Dear Saints, When Don talks about the complexity of nature and the ecological interdependence of life, the wisdom and care of God in His creation amaze me. God also has complex interventions to reverse disaster in His creation for the sake of His beloved mankind. You hold an essential niche, play an important part in His works. This unfolding story tells it. David’s dad was rich and owned many cattle. David dreamed of a career in medicine. Because of the political situation, the family decided to move from Tanzania over the border to Kenya, and David’s father left his cattle in the care of some friends. The family moved into Gera Valley, a fertile, well-watered area not far from Lake Victoria. After settling his family on the new property, the father went back to collect his cattle, but found all had been rustled, and the family’s resources were gone. Powerful witch doctors held a reign of fear in the area where they now lived. They threatened David’s family members that they would curse any young people who dared to go to secondary school. David watched his cousins who went on to high school fall prey to this curse and die. Still he longed for a good education and set himself to go on to school. He put his trust in God and made it! But just as David was ready for college, his father died and so did the dream of furthering his education. David also watched Gera Valley die. The inhabitants of the valley began to cut down trees for fuel, for building, to make room for agriculture. The once fertile area became arid and desolate as soil eroded and streams dried up. A river that once provided for 100,000 people dwindled to nothingness. Elders and witch doctors in the area sacrificed to the giant pythons in order to bring back the rain. It didn’t work! David pursued God with a heart hungry to help the suffering people around him. The intervention came this way: • Through Kenya Islands Mission, David was able to enroll in the University of the Nations courses in Discipleship and Environment and Resource Stewardship which gave David the opportunity to learn what to do. • From that, at SEEK, David is taking advantage of opportunities on many fronts to lead people to the knowledge and attitudes needed for change. Then gently, humbly, kindly he brings them to the understanding of God’s desire to see them prosper through wise environmental practices and lives of integrity and faith. Some of the things that David is addressing: Diarrhea is the number 1 killer in Kenya, and sadly mostly in children under 5 –needlessly! In Suba, subsistence farming has been inadequate, weakening the communities. Fishing has been drastically reduced. Treatments for malaria and worms eat up 25% of the local family budget. These are just a few of the things that threaten to destroy lives… BUT FOR YOU as you support David’s work! An example, to fight the endemic malaria, the government handed out mosquito nets and an insecticide dip, but people ended up doing such things as using the nets to catch fish….the tiny holes mean baby fish are caught, reducing populations of fish…. and others have used the insecticide to commit suicide. BUT where David conducted participatory training on malaria so that a community knew what caused it and how to deal with it effectively, the incidence of malaria and deaths from it decreased substantially. THANK YOU FOR GIVING DAVID THESE OPPORTUNITIES. IT WORKS! More than 600 children every week are being discipled in environmental school clubs in the love of God and life skills,...
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Good Job

  SEEK staff recently visited Kadem/Golgotha to encourage the work of young men in reforestation. Peter Okudo commented, “It is a good effort in an area that seriously needs trees. Hope the visit by SEEK(Hezron, Nick, Peter and David) will continue triggering their...
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Amazing Widows

Mary Obado at SEEK with the widows she ministers to have formed the Arise Deborah widows group which met December 1st for prayer. These women have been selling homemade soap, and their customers as well as women from local churches joined them. More than 50 ladies, including SEEKs Magnificent Scholars, had a powerful time praying for peace in Kenya, the countrys leadership, their families, the children of Suba and many other items of concern. The Lords presence was tangible. Many testimonies have been coming in of Gods faithfulness in providing remarkable answers to these women’s earnest...
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Trading Desperation for Hope July 2017

Trading Desperation for Hope, Stability   No sign that a crisis was coming! There was a busy schedule at SEEK this week because of the Business Training going on. Meanwhile Youth and Environmental Education Staff were responding to requests from High Schools. While at Nyabera Girls Secondary School, Hezron, Nick, Paul and Peter were facilitating formation of an environmental club, tree nursery establishment, tree planting, and composting. Peter felt SEEK staff gave great presentations, but as they moved to the field for practical demonstration of tree planting, Nick asked Peter to go before him alongside the children because he felt weak and dizzy. After planting a few trees, he was notified that his colleague was unwell. Peter and Hezron watched in horror and fear as Nick vomited large amounts of blood.  Hezron, Peter and Paul drove him to the nearest health facility and then on 3 hours to Aga Khan Hospital (a  good one) in Kisumu. Nick miraculously arrived alive, and was admitted to ICU. His fellows waited til past 3 a.m. to see if he would make it. Nick was operated on and is recovering gradually. Nurses there told them many people with the same condition do not make it, but they believe all your prayers brought him through. He is about to be released to a ward, and his wife Elizabeth is with him. Praise God! Thank you! The staff cancelled all the other scheduled high school talks because they were so tired. They barely slept that night, and the day had been packed with activities. Looking at the current reports from the Secretary of the UN: catastrophic combination of conflict, high food prices and drought has left more than 11 million people in desperate need. There is famine in Somalia. I hear the most harrowing reports from our UN teams on the ground. Somali refugees, their cattle and goats dead from thirst, walking for weeks to find help in Kenya and Ethiopia. What does this have to do with you dear people? You are part of the activities SEEK staff were reporting and more, making Kenya a more stable place in which its young people living in difficulties and deprivation are receiving care, direction, skills to turn their environment and situation around. You are giving kind people with the necessary gifts and education opportunity to make a difference. You are helping Kenya be a place refugees can go to instead of a place spewing out refugees.  For 20 years Kenya Islands Mission, SEEK, has been part of the efforts to extend love, faith, practical skills to desperate people, giving a hand up to a better future.  As lives are changed, so changes the atmosphere of the area. People who live by faith and experience God’s goodness are more stable and freer. When they learn skills for a way forward, they take it. For example, when Marcy and her mom came to SEEK this January she was at the point of suicide and her mother so stressed that she was incoherent. After Mary Obado, head of SEEK widows ministry, encouraged her and prayed over her, the mom felt better, and she and Marcy received the Lord. Now through you and SEEK, Marcy is learning in school, finding friends who really care, learning life skills to help her anticipate and attain a good future. They are both attending church where they have a community of support. Through this ministry children are having fun while they learn, becoming a force instead of victims. As school kids and community folks learn about the environment through experiences in agro forestry and organic gardening, they participate in restoring their communities and climate...
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What we do best! Christmas Reflections

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” “I came that they may have life and have it in abundance.”                          Jn. 3:16, 10:10 God’s sacrificial love expressed through Christ has been spreading quietly but exponentially since that first Christmas, bringing abundant life into dark places. Our sincere thanks to you. You are part of the Christmas miracle, for far away in an impoverished and hopeless district of Kenya, your loving kindness too has been transformational, like Ebenezer Scrooge on Tiny Tim’s family after the ghosts’ visit! Following are stories of changed lives impacting others for good through this ministry.  Congratulations! His love through you goes on and on! Here are several different S.E.E.K. staff comments on what we are doing best at S.E.E.K., and how people’s lives are being influenced. J.P. writes, “For quite a while I have felt that SEEK’s best and unique feature is our Environmental Camps. When we combine our talents, knowledge, professionalism, love for God and the natural and unique campus that SEEK offers, it is one of the most effective ways of not only teaching young people environmental stewardship, but pointing them to the Creator. Curt adds, “Many of their lives have been transformed by the Word of God while attending camps. Through the wilderness trails and the many experiential learning activities, the children become more aware of their environment, and this affects how they treat it. They get three very nice meals a day and a snack, and many comment that they did not know people can eat like this. The children leave energized, and we hear from many parents that their children have been educating them at home on what they learned.” Nick Odhiambo writes, “What we do best at SEEK is The School Environmental Clubs where pupils are trained in environmental stewardship. The way we do this is unique and found with no other organization since it is Bible Based Environmental Conservation training. I recall that when World Vision (a Christian NGO) wanted to engage school pupils in their Integrated Climate Protection Project funded by BMZ, they came to us and said that we are the only organization doing this with school children. They said they had to have us involved to ensure success!” “This project has had a great influence in the lives of the children involved and their families. A specific example is Michael Marinda in Mbita Primary School. His father Boaz Luke came to me to thank me for inculcating environmental stewardship in his son. He said that the boy has completely changed the attitude of the rest of his family members towards the environment and their role in caring for it! He went on to explain that the boy had taught him new ways of tree planting and care that he had never known! He said that all the trees that the boy planted at home were better that those planted by his siblings and dad. Mr. Boaz wanted to take us to his home to witness this impact but we had no time as we were already late and had to travel back to Mbita after a very successful session on alternative sources of income under Conservation.”   “Mbita Primary School emerged the best overall club in Clubs Tree Planting Competition for this year. The unique thing about what they did was that they did their project in a very dry and bare ground to introduce shade around the school playground. In spite of the ground being very rocky, dry and bare, they went ahead and prepared holes...
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