December 2012

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“My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27 December 14, 2012 Dear Friends, The mystery of Christmas – in an obscure setting a teenage girl from an insignificant town delivered a vulnerable infant, God’s Salvation and Answer to every human need. While a cacophony of political and religious business carried on, only a few who focused on God knew what was happening and entered His peace: a blameless priest and his wife whose endless prayers were supernaturally answered; red neck shepherds out in the country who saw an angelic host and decided to follow up; a devout old man earnestly praying night and day for the Consolation of Israel; a very old widow spending her days at church, interceding; scholars who studied antiquities and stars intently and followed their findings And it carries on similarly in all our lives and at S.E.E.K. In an environmentally degraded, rural, poor, AIDS infested 1055 square km. district of 210,000 people, Suba District. Kenya, God brings His amazing Solution humbly, quietly, graciously, and effectively moving in love to bless and guide all who seek Him. The miracle of Christmas continues. Don and I were concerned because the money that was donated in November did not even cover salaries. (Actually I was panicking.)We felt terrible that staff would be short of money, widows would be laid off, etc. right before Christmas. BUT God is so faithful. This test brought us joy as staff continued in faith, wrote us consoling letters because they were worried about us! and carried on accomplishing much. We praise God that several people have now sent in enough money to cover the month. Nick, S.E.E.K. Assistant Manager wrote, “We are appreciative of what the Lord is doing and we cannot thank Him enough for it all. He has been good to us as a Base and we have mightily seen His able hand upon all our activities down here.” Curt Bryson wrote on Facebook concerning the Life Skills Camp held end of November: “God put on my heart that the theme should be “Lead by Example” from 1 Timothy 4:12/ God used this verse to bless their lives and to empower them. We also taught them how to be good stewards of the environment, how to stay healthy, how to remained focused, how to make good career choices and how to work as a team. I wish you could have seen how hard they worked when they completely built a house for a widow. It really blessed me. At the beginning of the camp, no one would talk to each other and by the end, they did not want to leave each other. At the camp fire on the last night, many gave their lives to the Lord and rededicated themselves. Also, many said they did not expect the camp to be this great. All this happened because we dedicated ourselves to prayer prior to camp starting. Teens lives were radically changed because of the power of prayer and Jesus Christ. ” (a bit abbreviated) Later, sponsored by Bobby Johnson, a missionary from the U.S.A., Hezron, Jenny, Curt and some of the ten went to Mfangano Island to teach...

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November 2012

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Be standing fast in the faith. Be mighty in strength. All that you do, let it be done in love. 1 Cor.16:13-14 Dear Friends, We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Don and I are grateful to be back in Tennessee, gazing at the autumn glory in the peace of the Smokies with time to soak in God’s Word. We are writing to thank you for your participation in KIM / SEEK and to give you some updates. We made a commitment to God that we are looking to Him alone, and so we give Him the glory and thanks for you. We hope you experience the same kind of joy Jesus felt when the disciples returned to Him when he had sent them out, as you hear the reports of what God has been doing through you. Margaret Nyangi Many of you know Margaret and will grieve her departure to be with the Lord along with a great number of us. Margaret was like Tabitha in Acts 9 whose life was full of kindnesses, especially to widows and orphans. After her husband died, the Lord gave Margaret a scripture that she should work hard with her own hands so that she could provide for her family and be able to share with others. Since that time, Margaret has followed this mandate faithfully, showing kindnesses to many, caring for orphans, training widows in crafts, and making the plight of widows an issue that churches in Mbita are now addressing. We miss her so much. Pray for the children who were staying in her home. Our last week in Kenya—- Don and I visited Christopher Opiyo’s farm. Chris received the Lord at SEEK years ago (then YWAM Mbita). We sent him to do a DTS. He did his EARS school here, a Foundations of Community Development in YWAM Uganda, staffed these schools, etc. Chris has bought 4 acres nearby and in the fence post holes put many scriptures the Lord gave him about land. An example, 2 Chronicles 7:14 concerning healing of the land. He is demonstrating how a good income can be made from farming in a place where no one had thought that possible. Local farmers call him “the preacher farmer” because he disciples as he shares techniques. We saw something funny on our visit- stalks of corn scattered randomly everywhere. When we asked Chris about it saying hadn’t he already had a great harvest? What was happening? Chris told us more corn keeps popping up and producing many ears though no one has planted any and though the season is over, and so he is just letting it grow. It looks like the farm had a will of its own and just won’t stop bearing. Meanwhile tomatoes and kale are thriving in between. Miraculous! SEEK partnering with the local Chamber of Commerce under Nick and Bob’s oversight held a 3 day workshop on business. They taught two of the topics: Biblical Principles of Business and Environment and Business. They joyfully reported that participants were flabbergasted that God wanted to be involved in business and that the Bible had anything to say about it. They requested a workshop totally on this!! In Mbita, typical business is run on the idea that cheating and magic charms are the way...

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June Calling to God

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“Call unto me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you know not.” Jer.33:3 I am sitting in our little savannah bungalow, listening to Lake Victoria waves crash , the fish eagle crying overhead and numerous birds chirping in the bush. My dear 81 year old husband, his feet propped on the little table across from me, sips moringa tea (the leaves of the moringa are loaded with vitamins, calcium and zinc, great for people with AIDS).Though Don and I gratefully don’t have AIDS, the moringa helps in the challenging African equatorial climate and crazy schedulse. 3 Day Pastors Seminar in Progress- practical helps, unity, joy describe what Pastors from >13 denominations are experiencing. We have a list of God’s special promises for widows. One day a widow came by in deep distress, having no place to stay because she had been cruelly evicted by a man who said to her, “You are nothing more than a mosquito, and I am going to squash you!” We shared a verse with her. Her response of simple faith changed her demeanor. She got up, praising God with a smile on her face. We had to reassure ourselves that God would really respond to such childlike faith for we had nothing to offer. This year her need has been met way past what we could have thought. A beautiful home has been built for her, better than any local widow has seen. What a great lesson on the power of simple faith in God’s promises. We called to the Lord for young people to carry on the vision. Bob DeGroot from Holland, a 22 year old YWAMer from the Environment and Resource Stewardship School in Costa Rica showed up. He loves people. He has taken on a pilot of the Multistory Gardens, launching Helen Akinyi into the business of these intensive small veggie gardens for widows providing food and income. BOB Curt Bryson and Jenny Biggs are coming in a six weeks. Curt has raised most of the money for his house, which is being built now. He has made a two year commitment to S.E.E.K. Thanks, God! And in answer to major whining to God, He has sent Chris White, who is the opposite of technologically challenged (what we are) to help get the word out about S.E.E.K. is doing, web paging, video ads for conservation, sanitation, etc. Chris is a wise, kind, humble genius, employed by God on behalf of truth. We are a bit in awe of him and wonder that God would send us someone so wonderful. Some, but not all of June Goings On: • Dairy Goat barn & goat for widows. • Pastors Seminar • Mibta Town Clean Up • Construction of Curt’s Home • Proposal Writing for Conservancy • Hosting CGA Team • Movie Showing at Nyachebe Beach • Children of Destiny Friendship Evangelism Movie (40 kids asked to receive the Lord 🙂 • Making Presentations on Suba Education Day • Environmental Teachings by Don to Field Staff • 2 Suba Lakers Weekend Stays with us • School Clubs & Projects -10 a week • School Clubs Patrons and Principals Meeting • Christian Youth Thursdays Cleaning Mbita Clinic • Purchase of Mattresses and Generator, Curtains, Plates, Cutlery, Solar Lights-...

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January News

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 To glorify God by bringing good news to the poor, freeing widows and orphans to restore the land through Biblical Environmental Education  WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING!  Since the December news, briefly the following has happened–     Orphans from Mfangano Island came to An Adventure in Christ Camp in late December. Some had never been off the island before, while for others showers, dinner, a movie were new experiences. They were taught about Nature and God, having a Quiet Time and how to read the Bible. They played games that taught Life Skills and Teamwork. The camp was funded by the First United Methodist Church of Chipley, Florida, which is giving ongoing support to school these children. Ken and Nancy Omalla oversee this under S.E.E.K..  Friday before Christmas 160 orphans on Mfangano Island received a blanket, 2 lbs. of rice, 2 lbs. of flour and 2 quarts of oil enabling their families to have food and them to sleep well for Christmas. A group from Gallatin Baptist Church who had been to Mfangano Island with Mission Discovery sent money for these destitute children/ JP, Hezron, Pastor Gombe, and David took the gifts to the island, working with the local Baptist Church to see the children received them..  On Christmas Eve seven Chinese accompanied by three Kenyans came to SEEK for a night. In their cabins, they read the Bibles placed there. One who was in Kenya for the first time told the group he had taken a Christian name, Steven, signifying he had become a Christian. Through Nick and Willis who are Gideons, they were given the 10 Bibles they requested. They loved SEEK and vowed to bring a big group fromChina next year for a longer stay. Hey..we are sending Bibles toChina throughAfrica!  Environmental Camp for Nyamanga Primary Runners Up in the EE Clubs 2011 Competition was held this past week. It ended with a day attended by 160 students in a Kick Off for the ten 2012 School Clubs.  We heard it was tremendous fun, life changing, with several children giving their lives to Jesus. Staff relate well with these students they have come to know through clubs. Young people in despair found hope. In Nick’s words, “It was wonderful and I do not think I have the right words to explain exactly how we experienced God through the event. Grace, the deputy Warden of Ruma National Park, came with a team from Born Free Foundation (as part of our partnership activities.)  We used their Land Rover to show conservation films to schools yesterday and today to all our club members in our Education Centre.  It was wonderful seeing how successful our upgraded solar system was in providing their heavy equipment with power.” Thanks to the foundation who provided two more solar panels enabling this.  We are grateful that Samson, Syprose, Judith Brenda, Maxwell, Julius, our magnificent orphans, are back in secondary school and doing well, thanks to your generosity..  Last Saturday a Benefit Concert was held for Curt Bryson, a terrific young man, who is making a two year commitment to S.E.E.K. Curt will be coming out with a team from Springhouse Worship and Fine Arts Center inSmyrnaTennessee. Curt is doing a year’s internship under Bruce Coble. The team comes in August.  Jenny Biggs, from N.E. in Hendersonville Tennessee...

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December News

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 Our mission: To glorify God by bringing His good news to the poor, freeing widows and orphans to restore the land through Biblical Environmental Education  “For no word shall be impossible in the presence of God.” The angel Gabriel to Mary. Luke 1:38  Dear Friends,  This has been a year of miracles, and we stand in awe of what God has done. It is not our doing but His. You are part of this miracle. We bow before the Father in gratitude for each of you.  MIRACLES– Here are a few samples, though almost every day has seen others. January_ Staff had identified seven orphaned students they had encouraged in the school clubs to go for it, though there was no evidence of any finances to enable them to go on to High School. These students of good character and top grades who had given their lives to the Lord dared to trust Him. Miraculous provision came at the last minute. They have all had successful years in school and have served God and grown in their faith. One said, “I feel like a son of a rich man.” He is indeed. God is the father of the orphan. February_A team from Calvary Rivergate, by faith God was directing, made a decision to come out to SEEK. They had little more than a month to raise their trip money. Their impact transformed much, including the Education Center’s main hall. Anyone, child or adult, who walks in is drawn to the art and teachings which glorify God. March-Nyachebe Beach known for immorality, drugs and filth, with no functional toilets for over 1000 people, saw impressive transformation: revival, changed lives, clean water, sanitation. April-With inflation soaring in Kenya and touched by staff’s hard work, we asked God to enable us to raise staff salaries. As a sign we asked for an unprecedented amount to come in. It did miraculously. We raised the salaries. May-Hezron, head of SEEK’s children’s ministry, went to Tanzania to present cows to Mary’s family to seal the engagement. Only problem, he needed $600 for the cows and had nothing. He went by faith. The money arrived at the last hour.  Family who had thought he was crazy glorified God. June-God told Don we would have favor with government. Several staff were invited to speak at large functions_ World Desertification Conference and a United Nations Conference on Climate Change. As they spoke on God’s perspective, there was significant response.  Pastor and Don were put on District Development Committee and to lead a government task force for Ecotourism. July-A young teen broke into the house of one of our staff. This young man, who lived with a widowed mom, had been kidnapped as a young child by a witchcraft cult, and missing for a week. As our staff talked and ministered to him, they found out that voices in his head kept demanding him to criminal action. As this teen received the Lord, he was freed from the voices into a new and wholesome life. No charges were pressed.  August- A children’s March for Jesus and local pastors’ days of repentant prayer led to climate change. Mbita went from 10 months of desert conditions with loss of crops and cattle to lush. September- A free lance journalist wandered onto...

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Reversing Drought and Famine

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Reversing Drought and Famine

 Community Transformation through Christian Environmental Education Nov.18, 2011 At this time of Thanksgiving…. twelve million people in East Africa are in an emergency situation from DROUGHT AND FAMINE – on the verge of starvation. Some onlookers turn from God declaring that they want nothing to do with a God that allows such things to happen.  But God put man over the earth to care for it. (Genesis 2:15) The famine is a direct result of how we humans have taken poor care of our environment. All this can be reversed and prevented. AND YOU are part of reversing and preventing these things through the promise and love of God, and we thank you so very much!                                                         MORE INFO:  Look at these statistics and see what is happening on Planet Earth– so far this year:   4, 512, 606 hectares of forest have been lost.* 2 million hectares of arable and grazing land have been lost through erosion. (That is the size of the USA and Mexico combined!) 25,000,000 tons of topsoil have been washed away. WOW. Over 10 million hectares of land have been lost to desertification. Yikes!! *Trees put moisture in the air through transpiration from their leaves, use CO2, drop litter on the land improving the soil and cushion rain drops, allowing water to soak into the earth. Roots from trees hold soil in place, preventing erosion. Their shade cools the climate. They host helpful critters and improve the ecosystem. They provide food, fuel, construction materials, etc.  What we are doing together is urgent.  Reversing Drought and Famine  is God’s Will and Totally Possible.  Isaiah 41:17-20                                                                                                                                                                                       The afflicted and needy are seeking water, but there is none, and their tongue is parched with thirst.I, the Lord, will answer them Myself. . . and not forsake them. I will open rivers on the bare heights and springs in the midst of the valleys…  I will put the cedar in the wilderness, the acacia and the myrtle and the oil tree. I will place the juniper in the desert… That they may see and recognize and consider and gain insight as well, that the HAND OF THE LORD HAS DONE THIS  and the Holy one of Israel has created it.” Through S.E.E.K., YOU are part of reversing environmental degradation  and bringing restoration of land, enabling people to provide for themselves and have food.  You are preventing future drought and famine. Who are you helping to be the change agents to reverse this process in Africa? Orphans and widows and the poor! And in the process they are saved and come to know the love of God. And communities gain insight and glorify God. SEEK NEWS: It continues to rain and be green in greater Suba. 11 /11 / 11: Over 160 teens from nearby schools came to SEEK for worship. Before the middle of the day, our hall was full, and even though we had borrowed chairs from Christco Church, there were not enough for everyone. They worshipped gloriously. Out staff said they really experienced God’s presence. Then they  discussed teachings in small groups on being like trees rooted in Christ from Jeremiah 17:7 ff, and had a great lunch. They learned about how to plant trees from JP and Omari and then planted trees to commemorate their life in...

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October News

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  Community Transformation through Christian Environmental Education-  a catalyst for hope, an effective tool for discipleship and empowerment “Then the nations round about you will know that I the Lord have rebuilt the ruined places and planted that which was desolate. I, the Lord, have spoken and will do it.” Ezekiel 36:36                                                                                                                         October 1, 2011 Dear Friends, Sincere thanks to you and to God for YOUR ANSWERED PRAYERS! SALARIES-Salaries came in so that by the 15th of September all staff salaries were paid to date. The staff had continued to work hard with faith, showing their commitment but were so grateful to be able to have money to pay rent and grocery debts. PROMISED LAND. For 15 years you have prayed with us for the “Promised Land,” that middle piece of land, around 7 ½ acres between the other two pieces of land we own. Although the owner refused to sell it to us, we felt God’s encouragement that it was already ours in the spiritual realm, but now the original owner died and his son is willing to sell it by February. We are excited at the prospect of a nature conservancy for children where they can learn about God and His creation that the purchase will enable us to create with the partnership of Kenya Wildlife Services. We think we can purchase the property for $16,000. Ruma National Park will give us 2 giraffe and a number of antelope! Also the motorcycle you prayed to be licensed and in operation is out on the streets now doing much good, constantly in use for many kingdom purposes.   TRAVELS:  We left home (Mbita) the 6th of September, exhausted though BLESSED IN ABUNDANCE by all God was doing, challenged always by the spiritual warfare. God gave us 9 wonderful days with Andre Brink at Walking with Maasai in Loita Hills, 7000 feet above sea level, crisscrossed by ancient elephant paths on the border of Tanzania and Kenya. It is an amazing Eco Tour Camp, in true wilderness, where the Maasai conduct their lives as in more ancient times. Wildlife roam through the place as they feel safe there. The Community benefits from the income of the tourists who stay there and thus they protect the land and animals. Don is the overall director of the board for WWM. Andre with his team of Maasai is building this amazing camp, creatively highlighting natural beauty and fiercely adhering to Biblical standards. If you would like to camp there, let us know or check the website: We spent over a week of travel with arrangements definitely not going as planned, but still tremendously blessed. A Brititsh visitor returning home from Loita kindly allowed us to travel with him to Nairobi and paid the whole fare. We arrived home to a house well supplied by our son Mark. We have been taking time to rest, and the daze is lifting daily! All your children will be discipled by the Lord, and great will be the well being of your children.  Isaiah 54:13 This is a great promise from God, expressing His will, something for which Christ paid the price at Calvary, a promise to cling to til we see the children of Africa become not the needy ones, but rather the...

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July 2011 News

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                      Biblical Environmental Education for Sustainable Development   “This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.” John 13:34 Dear Friends,  You may have heard of the great drought in northern Kenya and southern Somalia putting millions at risk.  We are here working on drought prevention.  These droughts are man-made, and lack of understanding is at the bottom of them. Deforestation, overgrazing, and agricultural practices that dry out the soil and deplete it are at the root of these things.  SEEK is helping Africans find and implement solutions to these problems. Reforestation restores climate and rain.  A couple of $17 sack gardens can enable a family to always have veggies, using their dish and clothes washing water to water their gardens. Knowing how to feed and raise healthy chickens can provide needed protein.  So thanks for helping us help people help themselves!  Deadlines help. The carpenters were bringing in the last bed across the gully bridge to Cabin 4 as the Mission Discovery team travelled their last miles from Nashville to us for a night on their way to Mfangano Island. We really enjoyed these visitors from Tennessee. Their serving hearts and sweet countenances reminded us of why children around here run out excitedly calling, “Muzungu, muzungu!” when Americans are around… just wanting to get a bit of attention from them. Now all beds are made for our beautiful campground, and only twelve mattresses and blankets are needed to make us ready for a class to camp.  Events of past couple of weeks include: Suba Lakers girls soccer team hosted Open house for Environmental Club Patrons Birth of three dairy goats Club activities moving forward in ten schools. Christian movies for Youth and Club Members Children of Destiny meetings and practice Calling together of pastors to seek the Lord on behalf of Mbita District which resulted in their commitment to gather on the 30th for repentance and prayer and participation in the Children’s March for Jesus. Task force meeting for ecotourism development in Mbita A day clean up of Mbita with great turn out and nice results for one part of town   Incidentally human What happens in human hearts is God’s great concern. Poignant incidents like these make life worth celebrating: I walked in on the little old ladies laughing and dancing during plastic recycling work, grateful for something that will enable them to eat or pay their children’s school fees. A perky 13 year old girl in a pink suit was standing nearby on the ferry. We felt led to chat with her and found out that her step mother had sent her away with only 100 shillings (about $1.20 or a fourth of the fare needed) to travel home to her real mother. Aware of the dangers for a young lady traveling without money, we were able to take her to Kisumu and put her on a bus home, providing enough fare, enough warnings to the bus driver and enough prayers to see that she did reach her mom. One of our staff had his house broken into and items stolen. The police caught the thief, a thirteen year old son of a widow. Our staff would not prosecute the lad, but brought him to Hezron for counseling. His story:...

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You may have noticed that our site looks different now, and is missing some of its parts. Thanks for being patient — we are in the middle of re-fitting our site to a WordPress framework. The new theme will be exciting in many ways, one of which is that the blog format will allow us to make postings much more frequently — of little things that happen around the base, about miraculous ways God is providing on a daily basis, and pictures of moments as they happen! We hope this will make it possible for you to feel just a little more as though you were here with us. Please keep checking back with us as we get all our old content up and running, as well as growing with new pages and postings and interactivity! And do leave us your comments to let us know what you think! The...

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