U.S.A. BOARD of Kenya Islands Mission, Inc.

Don Richards, President

Frank Soper, Vice President

Nancy Richards, Secretary

Barry Clouse, CPA, Treasurer

Willie Acevedo, Bill Earl, Andy Huddleston, Teresa Peterson, Linda Thornton, PhD. Education;  Bill Whisnant; Kathy Williams, CPM-TN


Naphtaly Mattah is Chairman of the Kenya Board of Suba Environmental Education of Kenya.
Naphtaly has worked as the project leader of a Bible Translation and Literacy project among the Suba people since 1991.It is through his work that the District was formed. He now serves as the technical advisor for the Gethsemane Garden Christian Center which educates poverty stricken orphans on Mfangano Island. Naphtaly has a BA in Technology and Management Studies (Economics Minor) and earned his MA in Bible Translation Studies in 2002 from NEGEST University in Nairobi. Naphtaly currently serves as Minister of Education for Homa Bay County in which Suba is a district.GGCC-2015-Dinner-119
Picture1Don Richards, Board Member and Advising Director of SEEK. Don earned a Masters in Education from Natal University in South Africa. He served as a Wilderness Trails Officer for the Natals Parks Board and Wilderness Leadership School, pioneered several Environmental Education Programs in South Africa including the Umgeni Valley, Joint Ventures, and Lebowa Project. Don along with Dr. John Kuhne founded the Environment and Resource Stewardship School for Youth With A Mission.




Nancy Richards, Board Member, received a BA in Education from Duke University, served as a school teacher for many years and completed Discipleship and Environment and Resource Stewardship School with Youth With A Mission.

Andre Brink and friend

Andre Brink and friend


Andre Brink, Board Member, wilderness guide and founder of Walking With Maasai in the Loita Hills of Kenya. Andre is  graduate of Youth With A Mission’s Discipleship School, its Environment and Resource Stewardship School, and The School of the Bible. Andre trained and worked with the Wilderness Leader School in Natal South Africa.  Andre is passionate about wilderness and wildlife and the Maasai he works with at Maasai Trust in running  Olorte Camp and community conservation projects.




Presbyter Gombe, SEEK Manager

Presbyter John Gombe, Board Member, Manager, and a Director of SEEK  Presbyter Gombe holds a diploma of IPS London in Supplies, Accounting and Management, has held management positions with ICIPE and Utalii College both of which are Donor funded.

He has also earned a Bachelors Degree in Theology from Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary Florida. Presbyter Gombe is a man of great integrity who vigilantly oversees careful use of SEEK’s finances. He is often found at lunch hour fasting and praying for success of ministries.


Nick Odhiambo, Administrative Assistant/Community Development Officer and a Director of SEEK, holds two BA  degrees in Development Studies, from Kimmage Development Studies Centre of Ireland, MSTCDC Arusha Campus. Nick’s research on Child Labor has impacted government intervention. He worked with C.A.R.E. Kenya in the development of Water Guard, a significant help in rural water purification. Nick is an excellent teacher at all levels, from school clubs to the importance of environment in micro business.


dave, judging
David Okeyo, Head of Environmental Education Programme, and a Director of SEEK is from the local area. David has been through and run Environment and Resource Stewardship School with YWAM’s University of the Nations. David has seen first hand how deforestation has turned once fertile Gera to a place of desolation. David’s passion is the transformation and restoration of Suba District through Biblical Environmental Education. His mode of operation is kindness, and he is very effective in overseeing school programs and environmental competitions.


Hezron Obado, head of Children's Ministry and Christian Camping

Hezron Obado, Head of Children’s Minsitries and a Director of SEEK has completed University of the Nation Courses: Discipleship Training, School of Biblical Studies, and Family Counseling; Hezron is on the Board for African Christian Camping. He has a burden for the more than 52,000 orphans of Suba District and is effectvely involved in impacting their lives through school mentorship programs, life skills camps and a variety of other methods. Hezron is also field staff in Environmental Education Program and oversees orphan sponsorship programs.




James P. Pierce, a Director of SEEKAgroforestry Officer and Environmental Education Field Officer, earned a B.S. in Agroforestry from Arizona University and completed Environment and Resource Stewardship School, University of the Nations. J.P. has a lovely wife and three children and loves trees





moses nywasa


Moses Nyawasa, Conservation Officer and Environmental Field Staff,  earned a BS in Wildlife Management, Moi University Eldoret. Moses oversees the welfare of plant and animal life at SEEK, runs environmental clubs at a number of schools,  is continually working on community understanding of the value of their natural resources, and networks with Kenya Wildlife Service.



Peter Okudo, Agroforestry Officer and Environmental Education Field Staffpeter,   has a BS in Natural Resource Management, Kenyatta University. Peter is skilled in agro forestry and experienced in waste management. Peter runs school clubs and assists widows in FMNR method of establishing wood lots.










Paulus Abong’o, Head Agricultural Officer

Paul holds multiple degrees in organic agriculture and has developed effrctive demonstrations of water saving and organic gardening .