September 2015

These things I have spoken to you in order that in Me you may be having peace. In the world you are having tribulation. But be having courage. I have come off victorious over the world with a permanent victory. Jn 16:33

God has solutions for every tribulation, every challenge. We must step out in courage: The Magnificents: “God is your Father. Just go believing,” Hezron told the Magnificents, several teen orphans with no family and no school fees, five years ago when it was time to go to secondary boarding school. They went in faith, and God provided for them. We remember Samson saying, “I feel like the son of a King” when money showed up for his school.
Five years later they are on partial scholarships in some of the best universities in Kenya. The subsidized cost per semester for them is around $325. Again they stepped out in faith and traveled to their universities without their tuition. Two gracious ladies have given a start for them which has been applied to their university fees. Syprose and Samson had used loans to start small businesses from which they were able to pay some of their fees. Syprose owes $90 for her first semester, and Samson owes just $50. Maxwell owes $180. A great investment for the future of Kenya. These are young people of awesome character.
In Suba, degraded land and climate change from deforestation have made hunger a killer. Farming God’s Way We asked for sponsors for this and you responded! Creation Care in Kijabe hosted a Farming God’s Way training and with your help it was funded for four of our staff. This kind of conservation agriculture came through an answer to a Zimbabwe farmer’s prayer. With FGW, the same land that once bore 2 sacks of corn now produces over 50 sacks. Nick wrote, “Praise God! I can’t thank enough for the experience we had at the FGW training! It was a life changing experience. The course involves giving your whole life to Christ in everything you do. It entails striving to meet the needs of the poor and combating poverty through helping the poor attain food security in agriculture that gives God glory as the first farmer, the first gardener and forester! ”

compressedThe Isaiah 61 Widow Agriculture second phase is underway, with the ladies out working on projects on each other’s properties. Again, widows with land: Benta, Damaris, Pamela, Roseline and Beatrice are finding ways to restore their land’s productivity for agri-business. SEEK Agricultural Head, Paul A’bongo writes, “They are lively, active, interactive, teachable and committed to learning; They have been committed to transformative Bible study and spirit building devotions every morning. This increasingly left positive marks in the lives of the widows. They have developed a communal attitude to work with each other and face the challenges in their communities with innovative remedies.” Please pray for God’s solution to their water challenge. We know He has one!
ACC Rwanda- Thank you so much to those who funded Hezron’s participation in the African Christian Camping training in Rwanda, where he served on its board in support role. As always, he returned with enthusiasm for implementation of ways to work as a team, disciple and to bring in money needed to keep the ministry ongoing. He has already shared with staff.
Paga Primary School Reward Tour to Kisumu. Again thank you. The students said it was “WOW!” The teachers were so grateful for the students’ exposure to many learning opportunities and fun.
Now the first place winners, Mbita Primary, are offered free housing, food, and a tour of the Environmental Education Center at Elsamere in Naivasha, where Elsa the Lion was reintroduced into the wild by Joy and George Adamson, a great breakthrough. $800 is all needed for the travel of the 40 member environmental club to this wonderful place.
Before we left Kenya, a Board of Directors was formed there: Presbyter Gombe, Nicholas Odhiambo, David Okeyo, Hezron Obado, J.P. Pierce . They are leaders of faith and integrity who complement each other. They are doing a fantastic job working together for a balanced and forward focused ministry, with tight accountability. Don and I are also on the board and thanks to technology are in touch continually. Meanwhile we are seeking God for His direction in this phase of how we can most successfully support this ministry and its call.
Also thanks to the one who donated money for Consolata Agutu to have a donkey to bring water from the lake for her tree nursery and for a small business. She is happy!
Jeremy Roberts has been visiting at SEEK for two months. What an awesome young man he is with a positive attitude, friendly, helpful, wise. The staff really appreciate him. Thanks to all who contributed for his visit.
LIGHT / SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS 12 SEEK staff go home to dark houses, where kerosene lamps are the only source of light. Purchasing the kerosene is a constant expense and so on some nights their children have no light for homework. A great solution is Bright Box- a small solar panel with bright bulbs for 4 lighting points in their houses and a cell phone charger enabling them to enjoy lit homes. It comes with a two year guarantee. It is the system Don and I use. A green sustainable solution. Cost $135 each
STAFF Our staff serve from their hearts, but when they do not get salaries, their families suffer. We really appreciate all of you who faithfully give toward their salaries or to general funds. You are supporting skilled and effective people who are in the business of transforming lives so that the neediest people are becoming productive givers.
Thank you for caring. We are grateful for your generous hearts. For your prayers!
Don and Nancy Richards and SEEK Staff
SEEK FACTS: Field Staff run 16 Environmental School Clubs reaching 566 students weekly in 2 private academies, 13 public primary schools and 1 secondary school. Trees planted by clubs and maintained alive and well today are 1280. Average annual cost per club is $450. Their activities besides tree planting are erosion control, rubbish collection and proper disposal, school sanitation, establishing tree nurseries, conducting community surveys and having environmental field days.

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