Suba Environmental Education of Kenya is a Kenyan NGO, funded through Kenya Islands Mission, Inc., a Tennessee State Corporation 501 (c)( 3), founded in 1996 in response to requests of local Kenyans for assistance in addressing their distressing environmental degradation. We are located in greater Suba, along the shores of Lake Victoria.

S.E.E.K. is a grass roots organization which believes that change can only be sustainable from the bottom up as the people themselves understand their problems and initiate and implement solutions. Real abundant life comes through the gospel of Jesus Christ and the faith, hope and love He brings.

S.E.E.K. (K.I.M.) networks with the government and other organizations for optimal results.



SUBA IS A PLACE OF BREATHTAKING NATURAL BEAUTY, and its inhabitants are talented and hospitable. Here lie Ruma National Park, home to the rare Roan Antelope, and the vast Lake Victoria, a great natural resource. This is a land of endless potential

YET IGNORANCE AND LACK OF ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP HAVE BROUGHT DEVASTATION. People are trapped in a web of hopelessness because of the great environmental degradation.


  • One fourth of its 210,000 inhabitants are orphaned children.
  • HIV/AIDS prevalence is 26%
  • Life expectancy is 37 years.
  • The majority of its people live on 75 cents (U.S.A.) a day or less.
  • The rate of unemployment is 40%
  • Deforestation has resulted in climate change with an alarming decrease in food production.
  • Pollution of Lake Victoria and poor fishing practices have diminished fish populations.